Give a girl a glue gun…

It’s late on a Saturday night here in Indiana, but that just means I actually have a minute to myself.  And so I’m sharing that minute with you all.  I decided this week to try to do a few things that were just for fun craft/sewing wise.

Sometimes with all of the deadlines and crazy fabric swaps I sign up for, I get a little caught up in the details of maintaining my sewing existence.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love it.  But sometimes a girl just needs to break out the felt and a glue gun and go to town.

So I made this.

Give a girl a glue gun

I’m not quite sure what they are called actually….a swag?  a wreath?  Who knows?!  I just know it’s pretty and I had fun making it.  And I only burned myself once with the hot glue gun, so bonus points there.  I use the cheapy cheap felt, a few bucks for the wooden “frame”/wreath/whatever and one single floral pick (it’s amazing how far just one of those goes when you pull it all apart!)

Give a girl a glue gun

I meant to make a fall decoration for the house.  It is after all, fall.  But the grey, silver and cream colors were what I continued to reach for while I made this.  I had other colors around me, I promise.  But this is what I wanted.  Something a little more subtle and perhaps slightly chick.  It has found a temporary and perhaps permanent home atop the china cabinet…though I really would like to hang it on the wall.  You kind of lose it up there on the china cabinet.  But for now it is safely away from my two year old’s hands…hands that LOVE sparkles and flowers.  A girl after my own heart quite obviously.

Give a girl a glue gun

Tutorials for these types of felt flowers can be found all over the internet.  Everyone has done one it seems, so I’ll let you google those.  I have a pinterest board where I collect inspiration as well.  (I’m dying to do some headbands!)

I think it’s something about fall that makes me want to use a glue gun.  Maybe because all the leaves are starting to fall and I want to make sure I can safely adhere something into place.  Deep thoughts for a Saturday night. 😉

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