Kaelin and I started a little swap on Flickr a couple of months ago that we had been thinking about for quite a while. We thought that the perfect swap could be a BAG swap! All sorts of bags and all sorts of levels of experience. I put myself in the beginner category because I had actually never made a bag (other than one little box bag that Kaelin walked me through step by step at 3 am on our first quilting retreat!). I do have sewing experience I know, but I haven’t done much with hardware or designing bags etc. But I felt that I would be able to follow someone else’s pattern for a simple bag. And you may remember the one I made for my partner. (She hasn’t received it yet! It had to travel a LONG way!)


I loved making this bag and the size and style it was designed in. So you can imagine that I was quite delighted when I received this bag in the mail from Kati of From the Blue Chair.


She made me a bag from the same pattern! (The Phoebe Bag!) We didn’t do this on purpose. lol. But she knew when she saw the one that I made that at least I would like the one she made! 😉


Isn’t it yummy? Aren’t those pintucks gorgeous?! LOVE.


I happen to follow Kati’s blog, so I remember when she posted about this. And I believe that she put the pintucks into the fabric first and then cut of the pattern pieces – for those of you wondering about construction methods. I’ve been wanting to try pin tucks forever and I’m so motivated to now.


It’s seriously like a ray of sunshine!

And she filled it with “goodies” of the scrap variety! I love scraps. Heck, I just love fabric. And she did such a great job picking out scraps for me because I hardly own any of them. And those of you that have seen the amount of fabric that I have to know that is quite a feat. 😉


Sigh. I love fun mail.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kati!

Oh! and I even managed to use one of the scraps already. And for the most random thing ever. My mother-in-law does a massive amount of work for her parish (seriously, the church would fall apart without her). And the priests will often ask her to help with their personal sewing needs…like putting on a new button (really people…everyone should know how to sew a button! I promise. It’s not that hard!) and sometimes trickier things like the project she got today. One of the priests has a pair of shorts that he apparently cannot live without but managed to snag them quite significantly. In a non priestly area. 😉 So they needed to be mended. He told her that she could “go wild” in however she fixed them. She immediately thought of my fabrics and only took the project with that in mind. I found a fun AMH fabric scrap from Kati and made a little patch for the shorts.


I think that a) it is pretty funny that a priest wears this color shorts…you get so used to seeing them in garments or black. and b) that a priest is now going to be running around with a designer fabric patch on his shorts. I have a feeling that Anna would approve.

I think it’s kind of fun and doesn’t look half bad. lol.


13 thoughts on “Goodies”

  1. You did a beautiful job on your bag, and how nice that you got a similar one! I love the pin tucks, too, and the yellow! So pretty for summer. Love the scraps – lucky girl 🙂 And I had a good chuckle about the holey holy shorts haha. I'd like to see a priest in pink shorts…well, maybe not….

  2. Nice bag and a funny priest story. I have one too…we had an 80th birthday party for my mom a few years ago. We invited our favorite priest and personal friend. My daughter-in-law walks in the backyard and sees Fr. John in shorts and a golf cap and asks, " who's the old guy? When I told her it was our friend, Father John, she said, oh, I thought it was Phyliis' (my mom's friend) boyfriend. " She didn't recognize him without his collar!

  3. I love your new bag! I said the same thing about it – the rays of sunshine thing – before I read that part! That is such a happy little bag…I'm jealous! Oh, and I've seen a priest around here (I'm very Protestant, but there is a Catholic service in the same building as my service on Sundays) in a sweatshirt with a neon pink polo under it, with the collar sticking out. It was so hard not to laugh!

  4. Ha ha the shorts story made me laugh, but they look pretty good!
    Bag is gorgeous! And yes I am amazed that you managed to get fabric scraps you've not already got lol!

  5. LOL! When I saw the photo of those pants on Flickr, I thought they were yours! The story is 10x better since they belong to a priest, haha 🙂

  6. I love both the bags.
    I remember seeing each of them separately on your blog, but seeing them now has inspired me to try and make one too.

  7. haha! The priest shorts make me smile! 🙂 We're pretty good friends with my priest from my parish back home and he'd totally ask people to mend his clothes. That's one styling priest!! 🙂

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