Happy Valentine’s Day – some pink and red projects

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share with you all a couple of projects that I’ve been working on that are pink and red.  I really should have taken a picture of my daughter because she is ALL pink today…pink shirt, ruffly skirt, tights, shoes, hair bow.  Pink coat.  The girl could not be more pink (or more adorable!).  For myself I’m shocked I even remembered to wear a red shirt.  (okay…full disclosure…I actually had the shirt on yesterday for a bit and realized that today was Valentine’s day so I should wear it again….yep…I’m just re wearing a shirt from yesterday.)

Onto the projects.  The first one I can’t tell you too much about yet, but I took a little shot of this sweet paper pieced block I made.  The red fabric is actually a Christmas fabric!  But shhh…I won’t tell if you won’t.


Then I made a pillow case last night for a girls sewing weekend I’m having next weekend with some friends in Atlanta.  We couldn’t swing trying to make it to Quilt Con and are doing our own cheaper and smaller option instead.  But trust me it will be tons of fun and I’ll actually get sewing done!!


I think it’s a cute idea some of the girls had to make a pillow case for the weekend.  Our own little take on traveling handmade.  Perfect the germaphobe in all of us!  Try it for your next little vacation.  I used the ever famous tutorial from Ashley, Film in the Fridge.  I’m pretty sure if you google pillowcase tutorial hers is the first thing that pops up.


I used some super cute fabrics for this.  The pink stripe is by Dear Stella.  The cuff is from Anna Maria Horner’s line, Field Study and the trim is a bit of Madrona Road by Violet Craft.  I love mixing and matching like this!  Again with the full disclosure….I’m a little too practical to make a pillow case for one weekend.  So I picked these fabrics out to suit my sweet little 3 year old (remember the one who is very pink herself today!?).  I plan on putting this on her bed for the spring when she no longer needs the flannel tinker bell pillow case.  Of course that all is contingent on whether she will LET me take away the tinker bell pillow case.  lol


So a few little moments of pink and red for you today on this notoriously pink and red holiday.  I hope you all have a wonderful day regardless of whether you remembered to wear a red shirt.  Remember, you can always grab it out of the dirty laundry 😉

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – some pink and red projects”

  1. Yes, sounds like me (re: shirt). Though here is my story today (err…yesterday?): Get out of shower. Where are some clothes? I just did a load of reds yesterday. Oh good! It's V-day. That's perfect. Hmmm, my $5 "I <3 NY" shirt or a bright pink maternity sweater. House is cold, opt for sweater. Wow, this makes me look pregnant again. How depressing. Oh well. Hubs is sick, it's not like I'll have to go in public like this cuz our date is canceled.

    Yup. That's romantic 🙂

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