Headed off to Quilt Market

Goodness! I don’t intend for my blog to get away from me for more than a week but that seems to be happening lately. I think about my blog all the time, so I must think that I’m actually writing things. lol  But if you follow me on IG, where I literally am all the time, you will know that I’ve been quite busy lately.

I’ve been doing some fun halloween sewing that I’m excited to share with you on Friday as part of a fabulous blog hop for a lovely Japanese book, 318 Patchwork Projects. I’ve been having fun working on tiny paper pieced blocks and using Riley Blake’s latest Halloween line, Witch Hazel. Here’s a little tease of what’s to come on Friday…

Quilt market

Oh and did I mention that I will be having some great giveaways with that post?! There will be chances to win fabulous fabrics and the book…so definitely be on the lookout. Giveaways are super fun and we are going to have 5 winners of different things! So lots of opportunity.

So, I’m spending my time trying to finish up that project before I head to market on Friday, which is in Houston. My husband had knee surgery this week and my daughter is being her typical 4 year old self…which essentially means that I’ve been a bit worn out trying to keep up with it all. Hopefully I can relax at market because it won’t be too long after that when I will have my own surgery again in November.  We are all fun and games around here. lol. Hmm…maybe I do need a “Quilting keeps me sane” tshirt.

Market should hopefully be fairly relaxing for me (if it can be!) because I’m not officially presenting anything this time. But never fear…more is on the way. 😉 You can’t keep an overachiever down. So I’m headed there on Friday and looking forward to seeing everyone who is there.  Are any of you going to market this time? I’ve only been once, so please don’t feel like you are missing out if you are not!!  I just ask so I can look for some friendly faces.

12 thoughts on “Headed off to Quilt Market”

  1. Have a fun, restful, exhilarating time at Market and come home refreshed! Poor hubs having to stay home with an active 4 year old with just having had knee surgery! Been there, done that! Great cat block! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!!!

  2. I have been struggling with blogging for a while. I really love writing but the time is making my head hurt.
    This cat is so fantastic. I need to drag out my book and make something from it. Have fun at market.

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