Hexa go-go

It’s my turn on the blog hop for my darling friend Tacha’s new book, Hexa go-go!  And what a book it is!

For a chance to win a copy of the book keep reading!

In my world, Tacha is the queen of all things hexagon.  She was the first person to show me that hexagons can be modern and not old fashioned.  We were in a few bees together when we both joined the online quilting world and I was so tickled to have a friend from Germany.  I felt very cosmopolitan!

In a blatant copy even then of Tacha’s style, I made these blocks for a bee using epp.

Hexa go-go

Little did I know she would go on to write a book about this fabulous concept.  I just knew that I needed to try my hand at it.  Time consuming but absolutely worth it!

Just a glimpse at the back of one of those blocks I made.

Hexa go-go

Because I know Tacha a bit (as well as you can know someone you’ve never actually met and share an online hobby with!) I wanted to do an interview with her so you all can get to know her a bit better.  I hope you enjoy it.

A: What made you decide to write a book?  I know you have a super busy schedule with two girls and being a member of Fat Quarterly.  How did you find the time?!

T: Good question. I can’t really remember what made me finally put together some of my ideas into a formal book proposal. My youngest daughter was just beginning daycare and I finally had time to gather my thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time so I started to put together ideas and it soon became clear that I was obsessed with hexagons!  After a quick google I found that there weren’t many books on the market which combined hexagons with modern quilt designs so I thought why not write a book myself!

Time was a huge issue for me. I pretty much submitted the proposal to C&T at the same time as I was contacting the rest of the Fat Quarterly team to see if they wanted to work together somehow. Fat Quarterly had been up and running for only a couple of months or so before I heard that my proposal had been accepted. It was pretty full on and I had to plan my time to the minute to meet all my deadlines especially since all the projects in the book are EPP projects and therefore sewn by hand. The only way to make it work was if pretty much every waking moment I was stitching hexagons!  But that is the beauty of EPP – it is really so portable. I stitched during car trips, took the hexagons on family holidays, to the park and pretty much anywhere that I went. Everyone got used to the fact that when they saw me I was sewing and covered in threads. When I look back now I am not really sure how I managed it.

A: Be honest. How long did it take to make that fabulous Union Jack quilt? Because I want one and I’m not British! lol

T: The Union Jack quilt took shape pretty quickly as I just couldn’t wait to see how it would look once finished! It was also one of the first of the quilts that I made which meant my hands were still quite fresh so the stitching went more quickly. (I could definitely feel myself slowing down by the time I tackled the last few quilts!) I reckon it probably took about a month from start to finish.

A: What is your favorite project in the book? And yes, I realize that is like asking you to pick a favorite child

T: Totally impossible to answer that! I think at some point or other during the process they all ranked up there. But I have to admit for having a soft spot for the Over the Rainbow quilt but shh don’t tell the other quilts! The rainbow quilt reminds me of all the people in Bee Inspired who stitched up blocks and there are so many different scraps of fabrics in the quilt it is like a library record of my stash about a year ago!

A: What can we expect from you next?

T: I was trying to have a rest but little ideas keep bubbling to the surface so I do have a few secret projects on the go. Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know more about them soon. In the meantime it is business as usual at Fat Quarterly. We are busily preparing for our second retreat next year and of course for our next issue!

Thank you Tacha for sharing that with us!  and for more peeks at her book and hexagon goodness, keep following along on the blog hop.

193 thoughts on “Hexa go-go”

  1. the book looks great… I must admit.
    I bought some stuff at fabric.com yesterday… some prints to make Scarlet a Strawberry Shortcake costume (I decided it will be her birthday and Halloween outfit), some Cotton Couture (of course I needed more), and a few other prints. I wanted to get some Bella, but it wasn't there yet…

  2. A few weeks ago some fabric from Hancocks with a friend, not all of it's arrived yet; still waiting on a charm pack of Vintage Modern and then I'll go pick it all up from her. Am seriously considering putting an order in with Fatquarter Shop soon though; need some more Art Gallery fabric.

  3. My most recent purchase was some fabrics for two baby quilts as a friend is having twins 🙂 Picked up some green, orange and white with plans to buy blue or pink as appropriate when they're born. Moda's Meadow Friends dragonflies will be the patterned fabric, the rest is solid's cos I'm on a budget!

  4. I just received my Marmalade charm squares to make a liitle pinwheel quilt from the Simplify shop . As well as a layer cake of Trade Winds that was on sale . Sew Stitchy charm pack to have a little play with as well as the Chicopee fat quarters to make up that awesome Cog and Wheel quilt pattern .

  5. My last purchase fabric was about 1 year ago, it was plain black for a BOM written by Esther Aliu – "Heart's Desire". Thank you for the chance to win this book, it looks so interesting. I haven't done any EPP yet, but I know that I will.

  6. Well my most recent fabric purchase was a bunch of felt (does that count?) for 2 quiet books that I have 48 days to make for my kids! Along with a bunch of buckles, snaps, buttons and ribbons. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. Love the interview Angela! I have met Tacha and I can confirm she is totally lovely. I think she is quietly the queen of organisation too! I bought fabric this morning, 4 metres of Liberty lawn at a flea market- that was before 9.00 am!

  8. My most recent fabric purchase is half yards of the lovely Bella by Lotta Jansdotter – her earlier range, Echo is my all time fave & Bella is just as lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I worked Thursday for my local quilt shop and I hate to put bolts with less than a yard back on the shelf so I came home with 6 pieces of fabric all about a yard. Then she had some of the Cacoon fabric so I bought a little of that too. I never make any money when I work. There is just way too much cool fabric I think I need to own.

  10. Oh wow. That gorgeous quilt only took a month? I will admit, Hexies intimidate me abit. I quess being new, all I see is the short stitch lines. Hmm will have to try to get my feet wet. I would love to be for a chance to win. Thanks.
    The last fabric I bought was a month ago. It was for a skirt for my great neice.

  11. Last fabric I bought was to make a baby quilt….got fleece for front & soft flannel for backing! (Could shop every day….but I'd be in trouble with my Sweetie! LOL)

    Thanks for chance to win this book!! I want to make Hexie's!! Have been a chicken for toooo long! lol

  12. Two days ago I purchased Benartex's Wordplay to go with Melody Miller's typewriter print. I was going to make a bag, but they sure would look cute in hexagons. Hope to win the book!

  13. My most recent fabric purchase was about a month ago. I am collecting fabric to make a baby quilt for my niece. It was just a Kona solid in bright red. I got it at JoAnn Fabrics using a coupon.

  14. I just bought some fabric from Laurie Wisbrun, about 10 minutes ago. I've never done proper hexagons so I'd love the book.

  15. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

    I went down to Arthur, IL where there is an Amish community. Many of the families have started cottage industries, and I love to go to a dry goods store to check out their fabrics. I also went to a fabric store in town where the employees are Amish last Tuesday. I bought some flowered fabric at both places to put on the shelf for a quilt that is in the planning stage.

  16. I LOVE those hexie blocks you made! THis book has been on my wishlist!!!! My most recent purchase, yesterday, was some Denyse Schmidt fabrics that were on clearance! I was able to get them half off the clearance price! So I got 4 yards of DS for $12!!!!!