I feel like playing a game

When we were on our sewing retreat, Kelly kept asking us funny questions in order to get to know us better.  The rest of all us all knew each other pretty well and it was our first time meeting her in person.  One of my favorite questions turned out to be about what? You guessed it!  Fabric!  Our question ultimately became which Heather Ross fabric would you be?  Her fabrics are a great choice because they have such a story to each one.  At first I thought that I would be the plum Cat in the Boat with the Owl from FFAII.

Heather Ross fabric

It’s a bit of a joke, but I made a comment to Kaelin one time about how I was NOT a cat in a boat with an owl (long story) and it was the perfect answer in light of that.  But then I realized that I had forgotten my true love…Alice.

Heather Ross fabric

Yep…that would be me.  Thrown in confusion down a hole filled with literal idiosyncrasies but still in a pretty blue dress with a cute hair bow. 😉

So….what fabric would you be?  It doesn’t have to be a Heather Ross fabric…that worked for us, but the more specific you are about an actual fabric, the more we can get to know you!    This is one of those times when I wish you all could post a picture in your comments.  But describe it…I bet we’ll know it. 😉

13 thoughts on “I feel like playing a game”

  1. i believe i'm the heather ross mermaids or swimming girls in pink– my favorite color, and you can't tear me off the beach in the summer. not to mention… sometimes i can't resist laying around with no clothes on.

  2. I am the heather ross buses. I am one of thoses little people standing by their bus camping because that is what I am doing all the time. :o) It would probably be the blue bus because our bus is blue.

  3. I think blogger ate my comment – I came back to see what everyone else had decided they were and no comment from me – here goes again. I would be the swim sisters from Heather Ross' yummy Mendocino. I think I'd try and include them in every project I did – only I don't have that much fabric and the little Mendocino I do have is my most treasured fabric. When I had longer hair I even looked a bit like the mermaid.

  4. Books in Brown from The Grand Tour by Victoria and Albert. I love reading and books and the colors are so pretty in this print. I don't actually have any of this fabric but I'd love to do something with it.

    But that's just today. If you ask me tomorrow I might pick something completely different. Hopefully that means I have eclectic taste, not that I'm confused 🙂

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