I got sucked into a swap

So I got sucked into a swap…or perhaps more correctly, I allowed myself to do another swap.  Because I have so much free time right now.  (read sarcasm here)  But I just finished my last bee block for my last bee and I haven’t done a swap in about 6 months or so…so I felt like I needed a little participation event.  So I joined the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr.

I have a fun partner whose style seems quite similar to my own.  I like her favorites, her mosaic and general style.  So I felt pretty confident going into this that I would be able make a pillow that she would love.  And my stalking of her commenced!

Pillow swap

I offered this picture as my selection of fabrics: Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy, an assortment of solids (no I don’t know the names!…I just grabbed them from my stash) and an adorable lined print from Cosmo Cricket (whose appeal is COMPLETELY lost on my husband but I know you all get why it is TOTALLY awesome).  Again, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Flea Market Fancy and I’ve hardly used any EVER…and I was dying to cut into some.

I’m just giving sneak peaks so far of my pillow.  But I’m pretty much in love.

Pillow swap

Taken late at night…one block of 16 (!) finished.  This measures 6″ square…so yeah…some tiny piecing.  And yes, I’m certifiable.  But you all know that.  I always like to push myself on a swap, making something extra special for my partner.  And this block is no exception.  Curves, curves, curves…and then some more curves.

Pillow swap

But I hope you’ll agree that it will be worth it.  I soooo want to make a huge quilt like this.  Again, in my very free time.  lol  I would definitely enlarge the scale for a quilt.  But it could be really cool to make this with layer cake pieces or something.  The pattern is called a Flowering Snowball and I printed my templates from EQ. So far, 9 blocks done and 7 more to go.  Then I need to quilt it.  Suggestions?!

31 thoughts on “I got sucked into a swap”

  1. Oh. my. stars! I am just freaking out over here Angela! How I wish against wishing that I was your partner! Drat that I didn't sign up! 🙂 Your partner will be absolutely OVER THE MOON over this pillow! WOW- what a beautiful and loving gift! I can hardly wait to see it done 🙂 Amazing!

  2. Wow!!! I love the colors and the way you are using two different colors of solids. I totally appreciate the background fabric. 🙂

    I first saw the Flowering Snowball blogged on Molly Flanders and have been in love with it ever since. I made one (11 inches) as part of the Skill Builder Sampler, but I would like to make more too.

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