I have my sewing room back!

Well I have my sewing room back and it’s all nice and tidy…for now! I’m making an effort to keep it that way and not get out all the projects that I have at one time.

As soon as I got it back in order, I set to work on some blocks for two of my bees. I like to get those out as quickly as possible because I’m in too many and it gets too confusing if I don’t work on them as soon as I get them.

First I worked on my block for Ravishing in Red. I was inspired by another block that I saw, but sat down and drafted out how to make it my way and what dimensions I needed to make it a 12.5″ block. I think that this block would be great making a whole quilt, turning the block in different directions to suit your purposes.

Here it is! (fabric choices were not mine, but I actually love the batik as a background because it hides all the seams so well!)


You can see all those different seams in this photo…looks like stained glass!


I’m considering doing a tutorial for this block…would there be any interest? I looks deceptively simple…but there’s definitely a method to putting this all together and getting nice flat seams.

Then I was off, working on the blocks requested for Pretty in Pink. This was a pretty simple block…for which I should be grateful and I’m sure that the finished quilt will be very pretty. But I have to admit, I was a little bored working on it….and I even added a bunch of my own fabrics so that I would enjoy it more. But I think that I was in a crappy mood while I was working on it..but it just felt like sewing for sewing’s sake…it didn’t push me creatively. Nonetheless, it should all be pretty and I got the fabric and made the blocks in the same day. So I really shouldn’t complain…it didn’t take up much of my life. LOL.



These were large blocks…almost 15″ square.


I also received my birthday fabric finally! The holidays delayed everything I’m sure. It felt like waiting forever! But really it was just a week.

First off, I got the beautiful fat quarter kona solids pack that I talked about before. It’s soooo pretty. I’ll have to find the perfect project for it!


It had the cutest label with a “hello my name is…” tag on it!


soooo pretty! I’m not taking it apart until I have to!


Then I got my other bunch of fabrics today! They were from fabric.com and they were having some good sales over the 4th and I couldn’t pass up some of these fabrics!

First I added some lovely Anna Maria Horner Good folks to my collection!


Then I couldn’t resist some more castle peeps. I want to make a fabric book for my girlie and I think that these fabrics will be perfect for that!


These swimming ladies made me smile and I had have them….much more whimsical than I usually choose, but they have a charm about them. I think that they might make it into some mini quilt at some point…they’re fairly large in scale, so they need their own piece devoted to them! LOL


Here’s a collection of fabrics that I needed to have for one reason or another. Suffice it to say, they all make me happy. And I like to be happy!


And I saved my favorite for last! I got some Ghastlies! Again, more whimsical than I usually choose, but I love it! They draw you in! I dare you not to get some of your very own. Some might even make an appearance in my doll quilt (this quilt is going to have every fabric that I’m interested in at this point! LOL). It’s a fairly large scale print as well just to warn you though.


And I’ll talk about it later, but I’ve started my next little quilt giveaway! If you go to my flickr pictures you’ll see my progress so far, but I’ll be sharing soon. I had to start it after working on those pink blocks that drained me and I needed to do something creative and spirit lifting. And of course I needed to do that at 1:00 am. I’m a night owl. 😉

13 thoughts on “I have my sewing room back!”

  1. OMGosh I love the Ghastlies! I'm gonna get me some of that. I got some of those swimming women a year or so. They're still stashed. lol 🙂

  2. Nice fabric 😀

    I am sorry that you did not enjoy working on my bee block. I like more simple blocks, and since I love pink I thought that this type of block would be perfect for me and would make a beautiful quilt for me that I would enjoy for years to come. I do appreciate you working on my block so quickly though even with your distaste for it. Maybe next month's block will help you be more creative with your sewing. That's the great thing about the bee's….they work with every type of quilter/sewer.

  3. Oh Crystal, like I said earlier, I was just in a crappy mood. I think that your quilt will be beautiful and I was just pushing myself to finish them on my own crazy deadline. I hesitated to even mention it, but it was late and I was feeling overly honest! It wasn't distasteful…and I definitely appreciate that we all like different things. Ironically my month is next…let's see if you like that one 😉

  4. Wow – I like that ghastlies fabric and everything else you have posted here – what a lucky lady you are with that fabric stash!!

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