Finding Creativity where I can

I sit here, at one in the morning, contemplating this quilting world.

I’ve been unable to create anything with a sewing machine for about a whole 10 days.  And when you WANT to be creating but are forced to take a break (as I am while I recover from surgery) it creates a bit of angst.  I’m collecting inspiration like mad for this project and that on pinterest.  Sorry if you follow me there and find my inundation of pinned items obnoxious.  Pinterest allows me to feel creative even when I can’t actually create.  I’m letting my mind just take in multiple types of inspiration and creating new boards.  Oh and by the way, I have ONE board called quilting and sewing.  I really need to organize that because that is ridiculous…there are probably 100 separate boards within that.  lol

I am trying out other methods of creating, like coloring in fabulous coloring books such as Jenean Morrison’s Flower Designs.  Coloring is definitely not just for kids!! (Although I did finally give in and let my four year old color in it with me.  But I told her it is Mama’s coloring book)

I’ve been gathering an arsenal of knit fabrics for when I can sew again, because I am DETERMINED to overcome my fear of knits and really accomplish things with it.  Girl Charlee Fabrics sent me some darling fabrics to work with so I can attempt to at least make my daughter some leggings…seems like an accomplishable task.  And hopefully I’ll have a real life friend in town next week who is great with knits to help me get some experience.  But I really might have to steal that horse fabric for myself. 😉

Finding Creativity where I can

I’m getting ready for a blog hop in January I think to promote a fabric line and I’m really excited because I’ve decided to tackle a full legit dress pattern for myself.  The Collete Crepe pattern.  I’ve heard great things about the pattern and it is definitely my style of dress.  So I’m hoping that this might be the first of multiple times I make it. (there is no logical reason that the picture should be turned and as it is now 1:30 am you’ll just have to bear with me and tilt your head…I’ll get a better shot when I actually start making it)

Finding Creativity where I can

And I’ve been looking for inspiration in new places too.  I love graphic, colorful art of all types and could use a little less fabric in my inspiration sometimes.  One of my favorite that I have found on Instagram is a user called flora.forager who creates some of the most beautiful work I have seen with simple pieces.  This is just one of her stunning pieces.

Finding Creativity where I can

It’s a good feeling to be full of ideas.  Hopefully recovery will happen before I lose my desire to create.  But absence is definitely making the heart grow fonder and forcing me to find other outlets for creativity.  And perhaps a bit too much online shopping. 😉
What are your creative outlets and inspiration?

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  1. Hope you recover quickly!!! I've had to take a break from sewing to, but just because I had been out of town and am now trying to catch up with the necessary things, like paying bills today!! Take care, and maybe you could pop some popcorn and watch a movie with you little one. 🙂 Hugs, H in Healdsburg

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