I started a quilt.

So what do you do when you have new fabric coming in and you get just a *bit* overwhelmed by it?  Why start a new quilt!  But, wait, weren’t you working on that red star quilt you ask?  Yes.  Yes I was.  But I started another quilt….well, just…because.

So what prompted this new quilt?  Well, if you haven’t heard yet, Juliana Horner, daughter of famed fabric designer Anna Maria Horner, has her first line out at Joanns.  (Must be nice to be born into that dynasty!)  So I hopped over to Joanns and picked up a little bit of yardage of this new line. (According to AMH the line is called Rosette, but I don’t see that name anywhere else. lol)

Now the funny thing is, that I still can’t decide if I like the whole line.  But what I DO love is the saturated color.  That is something that AMH does really well too and I’m “gambling” a bit with a new designer I suppose.  Buy hey, she has her mom for inspiration right?  Plus something about not being sure about the fabrics makes me less likely to hoard them and I cut them up right away.  That’s a very good thing for me.  I’m not just acquiring! I’m using them!!


So I started this log cabin quilt with these fabrics and a random assortment of low volume/neutral fabrics from my stash.  I’m loving how it is looking so far.  I was completely inspired by Meg of LucyandNorman and her quilt on Instagram she is working on currently.  I’m using up my little stash of Juliana’s fabrics, so I’ll be doing an outer layer of colored fabrics using mainly Anna Maria’s fabrics that I’ve been floundering with.

I’m pretty excited about this quilt because it feels so different to my aesthetic and yet it’s something I really want to work on.  So I’m pushing myself and I think I’m enjoying it.  Can’t ask for more than that!

If you have fallen in love with these fabrics, I do have a F8 bundle left over that I put up for sale in my Etsy shop.  I’m happy to ship internationally too, just send me a message about shipping costs for that.

12 thoughts on “I started a quilt.”

  1. I got some too, but not quite every print. I do like them, but I don't have a plan for them yet. I like where yours is going — can't wait to see it put together!

  2. That is an interesting fabric line. It looks kinda 70s-ish. I really like how your log cabins are looking with your stash neutrals mixed in, otherwise I think it may look too busy. I think I need to go to Joanns and at least check out that top fabric (and the new DS fabrics when they're out)

  3. Oh good. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets a wild hair to start another project when I have 2 or 3 or 11 other projects already in process…..

    oh look, a squirrel!

  4. Looks lovely so far. I agree sometimes I have a hard time cutting into my stash fabric too–a FQ doesn't go very far, and a lot of my yardage is enough for binding, or a pillow, or a little girl dress, as long as I don't use it up on little projects…Thanks for sharing this new line, I love AMH too so I'll keep an eye out for the next generation.

  5. Oh, the fabrics look really pretty here! Love that black for the center and that Chinese character-looking low volume on the outside. For some reason I often love other's log cabins, but when I do my own they fall flat. Yours look great!

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