I won!!!

Eek! Just a super quick post to say that I won the Moda Sliced Competition. I’m still in complete shock.

All the other contestants did a great job and Beth’s work in particular was great with her super cute baby. 😉 We both went for the kid items this time.

I don’t really know much other than I won. So I’ll let you know if there is anything more exciting than that. lol And of course I’ll be taking pics of my prizes when they come. Eeek!

100 thoughts on “I won!!!”

  1. Congrats Angela! This was a tough contest, but you did beautifully and really let your creativity shine through. 🙂 I hope your on cloud nine tonight (and sleeping well)!

  2. Yep, as soon as I saw your backpack I knew it was a winner. Jeesh, can we all say that we knew you before you became famous? Congrats!

  3. Congratulations on your win, you worked hard for this and deserve it. Beth's project was cute too, but I think yours followed the guidelines just a little bit better. Way to go!

  4. Congratulations! your work is stunningly awesome and I hope that one day be able to let my creativity out again… With two kids and two more (!) on the way, I am pretty exausted by now and I keep looking at my cute jelly rolls bought in the US in January and I keep wondering when I will be able to dig into them… One day…

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it! All of the final entries were great! Yours, were AWSOME! I can't even imagine how stressed you were challenge to challenge. GREAT JOB;) Oh, and I am very envious of your new sewing machine.:D It's on my dream machine list. Let us know how you like sewing on it.

  6. Congratulations Angela!!! That was a very challenging competition with talented co-competitors. Feel very proud! Creating original items from design to finish in a week? Super difficult! Have a great time receiving those incredible prizes. : )

  7. I am so glad you won. I love all the things you created for this contest. I hope you enjoy the new sewing machine you won.

    WOW. I am so excited for you. I have followed your entries from the beginning and although I have enjoyed the other entries and I thrilled that you have been chosen as the winner. Your ideas and use of the required elements were inspired. I am looking forward to seeing what you create with all your prizes. Once again, congratulations!! You certainly earned it.

  9. Congrats!! I was only a tiny bit worried because you didn't use a lot of the layer cake but it was so adorable I would have been shocked if that had counted against you. Great job!! Now please send that Apron my way 😉

  10. I, for one, am not surprised. 🙂 You showed such wonderful creativity in all your projects…..every single one. Plus this winning one was accomplised with all kinds of other things going on in your life. What concentration!

    It was a really difficult competition – everyone did great jobs; but I'm so very happy for you! Put on that apron and serve yourself……..:)