I’m back…..!

Well life has been crazy lately and we’re finally back home…to more crazy life. Today is my husband and mine’s 8th wedding anniversary. Someone told me that 8 years is a new beginning and I love that. We’ve had some crazy life the last few years and a new beginning is an interesting idea. But if today was a judge of what we are in for, then baby hold on! It feels like more of the same! I was on the phone all day with different airlines trying to get my brother from our home town to our current home 1000 miles away (let’s just say that I know a lot more about the airline business now!) and my poor husband has been overwhelmed taking care me while I take of my brother that he had a little fender bender with our brand new mini van. Happy 8 years to us. We know how to celebrate in style. LOL. I was just glad that I had not planned on getting any sewing done today because it would have been a lost cause.

But enough about lifestyles of the middle class and crazy….let’s chat about all the yummy goodies that I got while I was out of town. It was killing me to be away from my sewing machine the whole time, but I tried to make up for it by looking at fabrics almost every day! I was a fairly good girl. Well… I wasn’t too bad 😉

There were a few gorgeous fabrics that I ordered or picked up right before I left. I just want to eat them, they look so pretty. Some nicey jane, kona in aqua and lizzy house red letter day. Sigh. Adore.


I saw these cookies in starbucks and could not resist purchasing them. I don’t even care what is in this box…all I know is that this is the cutest little box ever and clearly must be made into a quilt.


I couldn’t pass up this cute little bag from Joann’s for holding all of my purchases. I figure since I am attending modern quilt guild meetings I’ll be needing something to carry my projects back and forth. 😉



And then what is a girl to do on a 16 hour car ride but a little hand sewing. I whipped out my new hexagon templates and cut a few pieces off of my new fabric purchases…and ta da! Hexagons that are too cute. I have no idea what these are for yet, but I always have projects coming up and I’m sure that I’ll be able to use them soon.


That’s probably enough for now. I had a whole bunch of fabric come today in the mail (remember, it’s a sickness people…you can never have enough!) that I got from Fabric.com when they were having a blowout sale last week. I got all the fabric for $2 a yard. It’s really just wrong not to buy good fabric at that price! 😉 At least that’s how I convinced myself that I needed a new collection of fabrics. I do have a plan for one of them…that’s good, right?

5 thoughts on “I’m back…..!”

  1. wow! great deals…i might have to head to JoAnns tomorrow to find that print with the bicycles!! and please do tell me where you were shopping in Northern Indiana…that is my neck of the woods…NOT that i need to shop…since im expecting my SECOND box of fabric from fabric.com's crazy 2.49 a yard sale … but i would like to know anyway!!!

  2. i love those cookies! i bought a couple boxes from the Starbucks near me JUST because of the packaging. and as it turns out, the cookies are pretty tasty too (my sister and i ended up eating one of the boxes when she visited in april).

    long story short, eat the cookies and save the box!

  3. Happy 8th to you and your hubby. I'm glad we are not the only ones that have weird days/weeks like that. Just take an old plate, smash it on the ground, yell "oopa" and call it a day!

  4. Welcome back, and congrats on your anniversary! Our anniversary is today (3 years) so looks like we are in good company 😉

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