Agh!  I tried to post at least twice last week and blogger was down every time.  Crazy!  And then I left for the weekend to go on our lovely NOLA modern quilt guild sewing retreat weekend.  And on Thursday and all day today, I was at the sewing machine store renting time on the long arm quilting machine in a desperate attempt to finish up some projects before I move in about 10? days.  So I’m a little nuts right now.  But I should get some moments to share all my sewing with you in this coming week.  Because I need to slow down for my sanity!

I’ve packed up all of my fabric into an obscene number of boxes and moved my sewing machine and table, along with all of my scrap boxes, to the family room.

I'm still here

So this is my little corner of the room.  It actually works pretty well…I just have a bunch of sewing stuff out all the time.  So I wouldn’t have loved this arrangement permanently.  But it’s keeping me going as we pack the house.

I'm still here

Here is my obscene amount of scraps.  Yup.  Now you understand why I want to do quilts that use up scraps. 😉

I'm still here

I’m making a list and checking it twice, but I can’t tell if I’m naughty or nice.  I finished Karen’s blocks for Bee Modern Too.  I had made the one block of the North Pole already, but I had this idea for her Christmas quilt as well.

I'm still here

Santa looks like he got stuck!

I'm still here

So here are my two blocks for Karen!  Which I happily handed over to her at our quilting retreat this past weekend.

I'm still here

Then I also whipped up two greys tossed nine patch blocks for do. Good Stitches.  This is my last month with that bee for now as my life has gotten slightly out of control with moving across the country.  But I managed to make these.  I’m not sure how the quilt will go together but I think that it is a rainbow.  I picked the grey colored blocks to do.

I'm still here

And I’ve been working on a block for Tracey for VIBees.  It’s not finished yet, but I’ll give you a sneak peek. 😉

I’ll have more to share soon!  I just need to catch my breath and then I’ll tell you all about this past weekend and the long arm quilting.

7 thoughts on “I’m still here!”

  1. I don't envy you – but I certainly admire your insistence on being able to sew while in the process of packing!! I like that D9P block, too – I'm not sure I've seen that arrangement before!

  2. Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

    Good luck- sounds like things are crazy but hopefully the move will go smoothly.

  3. Wow girl. I cant believe that you still have time to sew with the moving coming so very soon.

    Praying for your safe travels and move! You will be missed in the south! You must come and visit 🙂

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