It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….and the winner is….

Wow! When I decided to give away my tiny little girl quilt, I figured that someone would like her as much as I did. But you all have blown me out of the water. I’m soooo flattered by all the quilty love for this girl and her swing. You made me laugh and you made me cry and in general just made my decision very hard. My husband couldn’t handle deciding either and I finally asked my friend Bill (of all hail Bill and the first commenter on this contest) for his opinion. As it turns out, the person he picked (with absolutely no input from me) was the same person that I had chosen as well.

You’re all dying to know, so without further ado the winner of the girl on a swing quilt is:

She wrote “Oh wow fist of all this mini quilt is BEAUTIFUL!! What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday. OK on to why I want this beauty:

I would love this hanging in my sewing just as much as the next lovely lady out there but in my case I would give this to the most amazing women in my life. My Mama. She has had a really rough year so far. In Feb she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her being the toughest lady I know took it like a champ. She had a lumpectomy, a hysterechtomy and many weeks of radiation. She has come through all of it smiling and still trying her best to be the ray of sunshine that she always is. I would love to give this to her and bring a smile to her face. I have a picture of my mom and I swinging on a swing when together when I was a little girl hanging in my daughters nursery. So this quilt in particular really makes me think of her. Sorry for the long story. Happy Birthday!

She touched my heart with her love for her mother and her generosity of spirit in sharing this quilt (I think that it’s a quilt that is meant to be shared!). I’m so excited to give this to her, but trust me this was a truly difficult decision and I just wanted to sit down and make 50 more so that everyone could have one.

So I think that I have to continue doing this. There needs to be a whole set of these quilts all around the world and I would love to come up with new themes but using the same techniques. Maybe some of you will join me in my attempts to do this and share your little quilts with others. But there were so many who loved this, I can’t just make one. I don’t know when I’ll get to it…it could be tomorrow, it could be next month…but I will make more. It pleases me so much to know that handmade items are still loved and desired.

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was a lovely birthday gift to know that so many wanted this quilt, but I did give myself an almost impossible task of picking a winner.

-Mindy, please contact me with your address information so I can send this quilt to you and your mother.

8 thoughts on “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….and the winner is….”

  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy it is going to such a good home. And such a nice idea to make lots of little quilts Angela! I have been doing that, but not as a giveaway, just sent them to people I know as a thank you or when they needed a cheer up. The only thing putting me off is the impossible task of choosing!!

  2. Perfect choice for a winner! I think I'll join in the mini-quilt giveaway too. I've been meaning to make another seahorse mini and you've gotten me all excited about doing a giveaway of my own!

  3. thanks for the support guys. I was such a touch decision. I sort of felt like I had won the lottery and now I was trying to figure out who to share my money with. LOL.

  4. Oh WOw, I feel so honored to have been chosen. My mama and I thank you! Thanks for reading a little of her story and for just a moment thinking about her! Every positive thought helps. I love the idea of mini quilts going out and bringing sunshine to someones life! Happy 4th of July weekend. I will email you my info.

  5. Congrats to Mindy. It sounds like you chose a wonderful home for your mini quilt to go to. Thank you for giving a "Hobbit's birtday present". I'd like to do that, too, sometime soon.

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