It’s almost like being in Love!

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Today just happens to be my 9th wedding anniversary.  In some ways, time has flown by and in other ways, I think it could be longer. 😉  We’ve been through a lot together and life can be crazy…but crazy is better than boring!

In the spirit of celebrating, I wanted to both finish up one giveaway and start another.

First off, is the winner of the Flurry layer cake from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I think it would have been cute if the lucky winner was number 9, but nope…it was # 50!

It's almost like being in Love

Who is Shelly!

(Remember we were celebrating Christmas then!)

It's almost like being in Love

Congrats to you Shelly!  I hope you enjoy that Christmas fabric.  Oh and I adore your email address.  I’m sort of jealous that it is not mine!  lol

But wait everyone, there is more!  I told you that we had a new sponsor coming and here she is!  It’s Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics!

(ack! My computer is being weird and won’t let me put her pink castle logo in this thread…but you can see it in my sidebar.  You can’t miss it.  It’s the only Pink Castle over there. 😉  )

I just ordered the most luscious fabrics from Brenda!  Most of them were from the Newest Joel Dewberry line (quite possibly my favorite designer!) Heirloom.  Tell me that these are not sooo delicious!!

It's almost like being in Love

It's almost like being in Love

This man is killing me because that is not even all of the colorways in this collection!  Stop the madness!!  So many fabrics, so little time.

I also got some irresistible new fabrics from a line called Dazzle.  These are the basketweave prints.  Brenda has too many yummy fabrics!

It's almost like being in Love

So, Brenda has graciously agreed to do a giveaway of a Jelly Roll of…. well, you all voted….and the results were pretty interesting.  But hands down the clear winner was Little Apples!  So we will be doing a giveaway of Little Apples Jellyroll!  (but if you don’t prefer that line we might be able to twist Brenda’s arm into giving you the one that you voted for!)

It's almost like being in Love

So, given that it is my 9th wedding anniversary, this time I’d love to hear from you about something marriage-related.  A piece of advice that you live by… Your favorite way to celebrate an anniversary (Lynne I already know what you are going to say!)…  The song you danced to at your wedding…. (the title of the post is ours!).  Really anything about marriage!  Everyone has something to say on this subject, so this is obviously not only limited to married people.  lol.  We’re all full of opinions!

To enter the giveaway:
1.  Leave a marriage/anniversary/wedding related comment
2.  Run over to Brenda’s shop and leave a comment back here telling me your favorite item she has or what you would like to see her carry.


269 thoughts on “It’s almost like being in Love!”

  1. Happy anniversary! We had our 34th anniversary this past Monday and celebrated today by going out to eat. I have learned you can't change your spouse, you have to work on yourself and pray that it will help him to change for the better.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We have only been married 6 years and neither of us remember the name of the song a friend sand at out wedding. I guess we aren't very sentimental!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Hubs and I have been married for almost 16 years. My advice is not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes I forget that and have to tell myself to choose my battles. Otherwise life can become one big argument, and who wants that?! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love the Little Apples Jellyroll, but really, really love the Curio one!=)

  4. Happy Anniversary! My husband will booked a trip to a relax place during our anniversary….we will treasure our moment there and flash back the memory we have been though all this years…. ^^

    Love Pink Castle Fabrics !!! thanks for a chance…

  5. Happy Anniversary… relative to finances be sure both of you are informed. As a financial planner I never met with one spouse alone, only couples together. It is quite sad for a widow to have to wade thru a financial situation that they have no idea of.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Something about marriage? Always share something silly together (my husband likes to freeze in a funny pose right when I walk in the room – almost as if to dare me not to laugh!) We were married four years ago and our wedding is still the talked about wedding – our families got along great and we partied it up! lol. The night definitely included the boys singing CSNY karaoke style, and DH's uncle wearing his tie on his head and declaring himself to be a ninja turtle. Hilarious!

  7. The song we danced to at our wedding was "Captain of a Shipwreck" by Neil Diamond. My hubby is an officer in the Navy and he heard it while on deployment when we were engaged. He asked for three things for our wedding 1. that that be the song we danced to 2. that there be meatballs to eat and 3. that he would be marrying me 🙂 I obliged him on all three.

    As far as advice, I would say to remember that your spouse is imperfect, just like you.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Hope you will enjoy a lot more time together! We wanna get married for real in Nov. And we didn't start any serious planning so far (starting to get slightly stressed by the thought of it). Oh, the chaos!

  9. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 5 years (2nd marriages for both of us). The second time around is much different that the first, but one thing holds true. Never forget that it takes a lot of work and each of you need to know how to talk WITH the other. Congrats!

  10. Lately I've been wanting more of the novelty prints and really like Picnic Time. However, as the weather gets cooler, I'm hoping she'll carry Late Bloomers. Thanks!

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