It’s been a very merry Christmas!

Are you all still recovering? Because I’m still recovering from Christmas!

Here at this house we threw a giant Christmas Cocktail party for friends and family on Friday night with approximately 80 guests. We do ALL of the prep, serving and clean up ourselves so that is always quite the ordeal! In fact, we haven’t managed to throw one of our parties in three years (not at all coincidentally the same amount of time that we’ve had Caitlyn).

It's been a very merry Christmas!

That event alone would have been enough to wipe me out. But then we celebrated with both sides of the family as well and hosted my side.

I did FINALLY get to give my brother his Super Mario Brothers quilt on Christmas Eve! He was quite surprised and did NOT expect it.

It's been a very merry Christmas!

I told him that it would be perfect for snuggling under while he plays his video games but he was VERY concerned that he might get food or drink on it and said that this was going straight to his bed. I did inform him that it is very washable but that didn’t seem to sway him. lol

It's been a very merry Christmas!

My dad wanted to make sure he saw that the back was pieced as well. I told Josh that I REALLY wanted to do a super cool back but didn’t have time. We both agreed that it would have been Legend – wait for it – dary if I had been able to pull off what I REALLY wanted to do…which was piece the words “I’m sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle”

It's been a very merry Christmas!

Oh and for the record, he totally gave me crap about making a Mario quilt instead of a Legend of Zelda one but I shot him down immediately and effectively with my reasoning for choosing Mario (better colors…the original colors of Zelda are ugly and he would have given me crap about it if I had changed them to update them…and he KNEW I was right. lol)

My husband got me some great gifts including a Couture Sewing Book and some beautiful Orla Kiely Mugs. And I got my very first Coach purse from my family!  I’m a grown up now!  And I’m pretty sure that my daughter is thoroughly convinced that she is a princess now.  But more on that later. 😉

It's been a very merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  Ours was certainly better than Thanksgiving.  No stomach flu this time. 😉

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