Animal baby cloths, Hex Flowers

I finally made the crib skirt (which was loosely inspired by some current Pottery Barn Kids bed skirts for kids’ beds that look like tutus!) out of a sea foam green organza. It’s kind of hard to get a good picture though. 🙁 But trust me, it’s super cute!

I also made two crib sheets for the crib. Again, no pictures yet because I just picked up the mattress tonight and I want to let it air out before putting it in the crib. But I used some of my favorite designer fabrics and anticipate our little girl loving them. I know I do! I promise to post pictures when I have the whole crib put together with everything I am making.

I was also starting to get a little nervous that my little girl would not end up with any blankets or burp cloths despite the fact that I was making them for other people. Crazy! So I started cranking them out and I’m still working on a set. These are my flannel blankets that are bound with pretty fabrics and double flannel burp cloths. I’m happy with them and am excited to finally use some of my creations myself!

Some fun animal burp cloths and blanket. My husband likes these the best. 🙂

I love the greens in these. They are very sweet in person!

These have such a french feeling to me with the binding fabric and the little elephants!

A detail of the burp cloths. I’m using this elephant fabric in the quilt and bumper pads as well.

And hmmm…there is another blanket as well that I must have decided I didn’t have a good enough picture of. But I made that one two sided with a minky fabric on one side and flannel on the other. It’s super soft and a little heavier than the flannel ones, so it should be good for the cooler months here.

I also needed to work on my blocks for the Bee Modern Quilting bee. The next month’s fabric had already arrived and I wanted to work on it right away so that I could get it back out of my house! I didn’t want to get behind and I knew that I had lots of sewing still to do for my own baby. Anyway, we got some super fun fabrics by anna maria horner to work with and she wanted blocks with either wonky stars, dresdan plates or hexagons. I’ve recently done both wonky stars and dresdan plates for this bee, so I decided to tackle hexagons. Whew! What a lot of work! After lots of research I decided to give the freezer paper method a try.

Here’s all the hex pieces cut out with freezer paper.

The hexes needed to be entirely hand sewn. I haven’t done much hand quilting, so it was interesting to do this. I did pick one of the worst times to try it because my fingers are so swollen from the pregnancy and I don’t have the dexterity that I normally have. 🙂 But I prevailed. First I had to wrap the seam allowances and baste them back.

Here’s one hex flower that has been sewn together. You can see the freezer paper on the back and how the seam allowances are all hand sewn together.

and then from the front…

This was for a modern bee, so I wanted to make the block modern despite a fairly traditional hex flower. So I put it off center and pieced some borders around it. I like how it turned out!

But I couldn’t make just one block! Come on…not when there are all those lovely hexes to use. So I made a major hex block. It really stretched me, but I love how it turned out!

Here’s the back of the hexes all together.

And then from the front…

Then I had to put a border around it to square it all up and tada!

The two blocks look pretty good together too. So I’m sure that her quilt will be beautiful in the end!

And one last hex picture because it is so cool….here’s the hexes in the light. I love how it looks like stained glass.

Future projects include the bumper and quilt for the baby’s crib, another blanket and burp cloth set, and a whole other list of things. I’m also going to work on a couple of baby quilts for friends too.

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