Joseph’s coat charming mini quilt – or – Starfish in the sand

Well I once again pushed hard to finish another mini quilt (still one more to go!). I have been busily hand appliquéing this little quilt with 42 petals. I’ll admit that all that hand sewing has taken me a little bit longer to do than I expected, but I’m not always the best judge of how long something will take me. In fact, I should probably multiply the time I think by 4. Things are always finished in my head, so I never understand why it takes so long for it to actually come to completion! LOL.

But onto the quilt. The other day I finished all the appliqué and was so thrilled that I had to photograph it in that state. Matching up all those little points was quite a feat.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt


I’ve been wanting to tackle this pattern for a while and now seemed like the crazy perfect time to try it. Because I’m insane. Yep. But I still love that I did it. This quilt is for Spiced Coffee and she already sent me her swap package weeks ago…me, I’m slipping this one in barely in time for the deadline.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt


I’ve been planning the quilting for quite a while and knew that I wanted to do a dense pattern that would create texture to the background and make the design of the pattern and the fabrics really stand out. So I decided on pebble quilting because it is a free motion technique that I can actually do and it is made up of circles…pulling the whole design of the quilt together.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

But I loved that as this quilt came together, the pebble quilting really lived up to its name. The background really did begin to look like pebbles or rather sand. And all of the sudden I was seeing Starfish in the pattern laying across the sand. I loved this secondary way to view the quilt.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

Do you see the starfish or is it just me? LOL. Regardless, I love how this turned out and I caught the early morning sun for the photos this morning. It just made it feel more like the sandy beach that I wish I were on.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

And of course, there was the extra bonus of how the back looked with all of that quilting and slightly contrasting thread. You get sort of a shadow image of the pattern.

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

It almost makes want to do another one just for the quilting options…actually come to think of it…I could do that pretty easily. Hmmm….another quilt idea!

Angela Pingel Joseph's Coat Charming Mini Quilt

I hope that Marilyn loves the little quilt and that you all enjoy it too. I’m happy that I got a chance to tackle another pattern on my to do list. It’s great to gather a list of skills and patterns completed. But I’ll admit that I have maybe one more of these in me…but not for a while. I need the break! LOL.

20 thoughts on “Joseph’s coat charming mini quilt – or – Starfish in the sand”

  1. That is a really lovely quilt Angela and yes I see starfish too! I really need to teach me a little free motion quilting, I'm about to embark upon my 1st quilt and I have no idea how to quilt it when it's done!!

  2. Its wonderful! I can totally see the starfish. I love the way you organized the colors – I'm never brave enough to try anything like that. Can you tell me what the front background fabric is – it really does look like sand. I think I neeeeed it! You did a gorgeous job with the pebble quilting.

  3. "wow! did you use a pattern for this? i'd really love to try it- turned out gorgeous!!"

    I did follow some instructions on the internet that I just googled, but ultimately I drafted up my own pattern using a piece of poster board and a compass. Then I cut a template from that design and then made the petals individually from that.

  4. it does look really beautiful!

    I laughed when you said, "it's a free motion I can actually do," because I'm in the same boat! My machine is not great for free motion, but I also need some technique (or maybe a stitch regulator!). 😉

  5. thank you so much everyone! I'm glad I'm not nuts and you all saw the starfish too. LOL. Everyone should try pebble quilting. I think that it would get overwhelming on a big project, but on a mini quilt like this, I think that it works.

  6. This block has been on my to do list for awhile. I just love what you did! I admire your pebble quilting, I tried it on a mini for a friend last Christmas, and I certainly need more practice!

    I think I need to bump this one to the top of the to do list. 😉

  7. I love it! I only recently saw a picture of this pattern for the first time. I think I may need to add it to my to do list. Thanks for sharing, I am sure the recipient with love it.

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