Joseph’s coat in progress…

Remember these obscure and hard to see photos? LOL.

Joseph's coat

Joseph's coat

Well…I’ve been working on that! No rest for the weary! I have commitments! This is the beginning of a quilt for Spiced Coffee for the Charming Mini swap. For some reason I felt the need to make a whole bunch of mini quilts lately. (I still have one more after this!) Marilyn already sent me her lovely quilt along with all the goodies!!! If you didn’t see that, go back a few posts…it’s all there.

So those obscure pictures turned into these obscure pictures. I’m making tiny applique petals! And I even got some fun new tools to help make the job easier. A mini iron, which I’ve been wanting to get for long time, and a mini pressing board…ahh portable ironing! I sat in front of my tv on the floor and starched and turned and pressed my way through 42 mini petals.

Joseph's coat

Joseph's coat

But it does get better. After pasting my cardboard pattern in our glass door and placing my background fabric over it, I was able to temporarily glue each petal in place and figure out a layout for my pattern. My husband laughed at me because yet again I was on the floor working on this mini quilt while I painstakingly put each petal in place.

But that glue isn’t enough and the petals really do need to be pinned in place…so last night, again, I was on the floor with my quilt on my coffee table putting pin after pin in place and trying to line up all the petals perfectly. It took a bit to find my groove, but I finally figured out a method that worked for me…and now this is what I have.

Joseph's coat

Lots of pins and lots of pieces! I really wanted to take the time to pin the pieces just where I wanted them so that I didn’t need to fuss with them much when I was sewing them down.

Joseph's coat

So next there is just the small matter of hand sewing each petal in place. Yes, it could be machine stitched in place, but after all the work to make each petal and put it in place, I really feel like it should be finished “properly” and hand appliqued.

Happily today I’ve started that. I’m working from the center outwards….otherwise you could end up with a bit of a disaster. I’m sewing the tops of where the clusters meet down and then coming back and stitching down the sides. Again, a bit of fussy work…especially because there are a lot of pins in it at this point. I’ve been pricked a number of times already and there’s no fairy godmother to come and save me! But it will get better as I do more… there will be less pins and more satisfaction in having petals sewn. I have one completely sewn and it looks good.

But remember, this is just the top. It still needs to become a quilt. So there will more left to do soon! I will be quilting the layers together too!

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  1. Great progress! I am doing Kellie Wulfsohn's (Don't Look Now) Joseph's Coat and it is taking forever. I had to put it away for a while because the gluing was driving me crazy. I just love the hand sewing – not so happy about all the other bits before you get to the sewing… Can't wait to see what you do with yours! Danielle x

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