Jump Back Katie!

Thank you so much everyone for the lovely birthday wishes and all of your wonderful suggestions. Some of you are wild and crazy! I love it! I’ll have to save some of those suggestions for a rainy day. We did end up going to our friends’ house in Chicago and spending some time with them and their 3-year-old twin girls. Caitlyn had a blast and I loved seeing her play away! That alone made my day.

Jump Back Katie

I mean, really, she can’t be any cuter! My sweet watermelon!

Jump Back Katie

Having fun (carefully!) in the sun.

Jump Back Katie

So as you can imagine between my birthday and the 4th, life was pretty busy over the weekend. We’re hoping to move into our next temporary location this week, so who knows what sewing I will get done… so that meant I needed to do some work last night.

At first, I laid out some blue painter’s tape and started laying out my blocks from my Katie Jump Rope quilt. But I quickly decided that I just wanted to throw some fabric together and use some up!! I’ll get back to this layout later…maybe tonight.

Jump Back Katie

In an effort to make this quilt more masculine, I pulled a bunch of the KJR prints that I consider at the very least not overtly feminine. And then I started throwing them around.

Jump Back Katie

I experimented with some of the patterns and colors and figured out which ones I like together…even if they are all jumbled. I didn’t want anything that stood out too much from the other fabrics. That bright orange wasn’t cutting it. I decided it will be perfect for a binding though!

I started piecing together different fabrics in a moderately lame attempt to have an interesting free pieced backing.

Jump Back Katie

I had some slightly different intentions when I started vs what I ended up with. But the general idea was there and I’m just happy to really use some fabric. I cleared out a bunch of my (let’s face it) lesser favorite fabrics from this line. But I’m a girly girl…so brown, orange, and green together is not a color scheme I gravitate to.

Jump Back Katie

Brown florals are masculine right? 😉

Jump Back Katie

It’s pretty hard to get a good picture of this back, both because of the size and because of the little patterns on the fabric. They are difficult to photograph. But here is the backing. I think it’s going to look very yummy when the quilt is all quilted and washed and quilty!

Jump Back Katie

Trust me, it’s pretty fun up close!

Jump Back Katie

Now to work on that front! Oh, and I’m still celebrating my birthday. I’m off to get a pedicure (poor me…life is rough sometimes) and I’m definitely still eating cake!

Jump Back Katie

so feel free to continue entering the giveaway for the FFAIII fabric! Reality will kick in soon and I don’t know when the celebration will end. 😉

12 thoughts on “Jump Back Katie!”

  1. OMGosh, that girl in her watermelon suit!!!! OK, I'm going to go eat some watermelon right now ;). But I really am because she reminded me of it…

    Also, more power to you on the freely pieced back. It turned out well and you feel fabric-good. Excellent combo.

  2. Caitlyn could NOT be any cuter than in that watermelon swimsuit! Holy Cannolis!

    The backing is not my color-style either, but I still think it's fun :^) Good job!

  3. such a pretty picture of you, angela! and your little is simply adorable. and to add one more gush of praise: i am loving that quilt back. very nice!

  4. Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

    OMG she is ADORABLE! Super cute. Glad your birthday was great. Love the back of that quilt. 🙂

  5. such great pictures of the two of you 🙂 I like what you did with the back, love the overlapping look, I bet the stripes were tricky to match up!

  6. yes, i know this is a week old but I am just getting around to reading back blogs. Your daughter is so cute! Are you tired of hearing that….no! I remember when mine were that little. They are 6 and 5. Still cute but there is something about toddlers that just makes them so cute.

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