Just a little sewing!

A couple of nights ago I wanted to sew but I sat down in my sewing room and all I could do was stare.  So I figured that I could at least fold fabric.  So I did that for a couple of hours.  I’ve officially used up my 200 boards and need to get more…I know! I may need to get 200 more…Ack!  But I’m definitely making huge progress in the organizing department and as a result, I’ve been swapping like a maniac!  It’s getting hard to keep track of.  I’ll talk about swapping another day, but that has kept me busy while my brain would not function well enough to sew.

But I did finally manage to get one whole block done last night.  lol.  Sometimes it still amazes me that one block can take so long.  Between the research, the ironing, the cutting, the sewing, the trimming, the sewing again, and the trimming again…well a couple of hours have gone by in a flash.  But I’m fairly pleased with the one block I accomplished.  I’m trying to do them in order to arrive…so this block is for Kelly in the VIBees.

She sent us a luscious selection of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line along with a solid with the instructions that we could only use 1/2 square triangles.  So I researched a number of patterns and was all set to go when I laid out the fabrics and saw a rainbow.  Now if you know anything about Kelly, you know that she loves a good rainbow.  So I tossed my previous ideas out and set to work designing a block that would let me show off the rainbow of these fabrics.  (Rainbows make me pretty happy too, so it was a win-win).

I fell back on the timeless zig-zag pattern and carefully planned the placement of all the fabrics so that I could make this:

Just a little sewing

The points aren’t perfect but with these pretty fabrics, your eye keeps moving and you really don’t notice.

Tip: When trying a pattern with lots of points, use busy prints the first few times to work on the technique and achieve confidence with the pattern and your method. Then move on to solids etc.

Just a little sewing

It’s such a happy block!

Just a little sewing

Pretty fabrics, pretty block, a February bee block completed…all in all a successful evening!

8 thoughts on “Just a little sewing!”

  1. Yep! I love love love it!!!! I'm so glad Amy suggested I send you guys charm size pieces of all the fabrics–I love seeing them all together like this!

  2. It is indeed a pretty block! And as it is already Saturday here, I checking in here for my fabric diet! I was so busy being back at work for the new school year and sewing my doll quilt, I haven't had a chance to shop!!! YEH! But I must admit, Sherbet Pips is calling me and I don't know how long I can resisit!

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