Kansas City Shenanigans

My husband and I decided pretty last minute to tackle an 11 hour drive (we made better time coming home) to Kansas City to see my brother and his wife…the tricky part of that being that we have that little two year old.  The way out was filled with fog.  I’m sure any of you traveling in the midwest on Wednesday experienced the fog.  It was everywhere!  We had a wrong turn that changed our route a bit.  And then the true fun started…

We were literally 1 minute from my brother’s house when my daughter, complaining that her stomach hurt, threw up EVERYWHERE.  It was awful.  But we got to his house, cleaned up the girlie and all of the car and items, and chocked it up to a little car sickness.  But no.

The next day at nap time she got quite sick again, this time all over the bed (ugh!) and then proceeded to be sick for the next 12 hours.  Oh and my SIL found out that her boss had been killed in a car accident the night before.  Did I mention that this was Thanksgiving Day?  Thankfully the girlie was starting to feel better the next day and loads of laundry later we were able to get out of the house for a few hours of distraction.  I of course wanted to find a fabric store!

Kansas City Shenanigans

My SIL and I broke free and found the cute little store downtown, BonBon and also stopped at World Market nearby.  I definitely indulged just slightly as a reward for getting through the stomach flu the day before with the girlie.  I even bought my very first Liberty Fabrics!

Kansas City Shenanigans

And this adorably overpriced candle by Lotta Jansdotter!

Kansas City Shenanigans

All play was halted when my husband was the next to come down with the stomach flu.  He was laid up the whole next day (our last day there) and I was attempting to keep a 2 year old entertained in the house the whole day.  Let’s just say that I may have had a little pity party for myself at that point.  Nothing like a long car ride to get to stay in a house and play nurse the whole time.  :p  But he perked up enough to be able to watch the Notre Dame vs USC game that night.  Possibly the highlight of the trip was watching ND beat USC and complete their undefeated season.  Awesomeness.

We took off the next morning to return home and thankfully the drive was pretty uneventful and we made good time.  I brought some yarn and a crochet hook with me at the very last minute, so I spent a good portion of the drive both ways trying to re-teach myself to crochet.  I worked on a skinny scarf using a simple double crochet stitch and some lovely cashmere yarn.  I’ve almost got it to a length I want…so I was a  little productive.

Kansas City Shenanigans

Oh and we found out when we got home that my SIL now has the stomach flu.  What great guests we were.

So.  How was YOUR Thanksgiving? 😉

20 thoughts on “Kansas City Shenanigans”

  1. So sorry about the sickness! My son was sick in a hotel room when we were in California a few weeks ago, and it's just the worst when you're not in your own home!

    But, seriously? GO IRISH! 🙂

  2. Your not alone!! I came down with the flu on Thanksgiving as well!!! (a least it wasn't the throwing up one though!!) We had that one, one Christmas!! It was awful.:( So sorry!!

  3. ug! I've had trips like that. Our classic was two years ago when my then 3 yr old who was "all better" threw up at the table during Christmas dinner, while sitting next to his super germ – conscious Grandma.

    Good work getting through all that hassle though. So glad you got some Liberty fabric out of it, anyway.

  4. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    Oh gosh Angela! That trip was a doozy! So sorry your little one and your husband were sick. Hope you do not get it too!

  5. this sounds just like my friend's thanksgiving, except she had to go to the ER for horrible pelvic pain (newly pregnant). luckily it was just a UTI, but ugh…i feel for everyone who had a nasty flu filled thanksgiving this year!!!

  6. Oh, Angela! Sounds like it was less than fun but at least you found some bright sides to the literal and figurative mess…

    And how much do you love the DB baby cashmerino…? I've never crocheted with it but I love the way it knits. The scarf will be lovely. And warm!

  7. So sorry for all your difficulties, especially being sick. I was sick when I was in KC a couple weeks ago… also throwing up! What's up with flu bugs in KC?! Thanks for asking… our Thanksgiving was lovely. See pictures on my blog.

  8. I am so very sorry about the flu. Our family still talks about the year 15 out of 18 came down with it. Fortunately we have 3 bathrooms and lots of bowls:) People asked if it could have been food poisoning, but it had started with a one year old who wasn't eating the same food. We also had several International students join us for our Thanksgiving dinner, but none of them got sick. I guess it was an American bug:)

  9. Oh Angela . You poor thing ! I was getting more and more freaked out for you as I read your story . Hope you and your family ( including your family in K C) are all better now . Have fun with the fabric .

  10. Ewww… you will be talking about this Thanksgiving for years to come.. "Remember the time…." Since i live in KC, I was interested in your comment about your SIL's boss. I think that my son works for the same company…sad news. Small world. Hope the bug has flown off by now!

    1. Carla – you're Drew's mom! We love him. And I love the company…or I must love it because next month is my 10 year anniversary (egads!).

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