Layout fixed and some upcoming fun

I’m happy to say that my pretty kitty did not manage to destroy the new layout of the paintbox quilt. She did motivate me to redo the layout, label every block, and pick it up off the floor as soon as possible! I did take pictures of the new layout, but I’m finding it difficult so show with the quilt on the floor. You might all have to wait until I sew the blocks together and can hang it. But I’ve put the blocks in rainbow order on a diagonal from left to right. As I suspected, this was the best layout yet. You can see the rainbow but it’s definitely not in your face. It’s kind of a subtle layer to an otherwise pretty quilt. You look at it and think “oh that’s pretty” and then you look again and think ” and it has a rainbow”. So I think that I’m happy with that. Now I just need a marathon sewing session to sew all 80 blocks together into rows and then sew all the rows together! Sometimes I don’t like quilting…and this isn’t my favorite part…it’s’ a little mechanical and you just have to get through it.

But I do still need to figure out what I want to do for the back. I really like the back given in the directions for the quilt, but I’m trying to do this from my stash (although the entire top was from purchased new fabrics…oh well) and I want to see if I can come up with something that works from the fabrics that I have. We’ll see.

And I’m also planning a little give away. I started a group on flickr where people can post their flying geese blocks and quilts and post tutorials, etc. I just kept seeing them everywhere and rather than favorite them all or put them into galleries, I started the group. And now there are over 75 members! It’s fun to know that you’ve created something that other people are part of. Well, when that group reaches a hundred members, I thought that I’d give away these fabrics to a lucky person. Just a little something, but I’ve never done a give away before and want to make sure that I can do it! 😉

I think that the zig zag fabric could make some truly awesome flying geese! And the others are for fun. Some stars to celebrate and a joel dewberry basic that never fails. So if you haven’t joined the group yet, go ahead! I think that you’ll find it’s a good resource the next time you need to make something with flying geese.

I’m also debating whether to open my birthday present early or not. My birthday is at the very beginning of July and I got Electric Quilt 7 for my gift! I’m really excited to try it out…I’ve never used any of their software yet (so don’t rain on my parade yet if you hate it!). I can’t wait to see how it helps. I’m pretty quick with computer programs so hopefully I’ll find it helpful. But we pre ordered it to get it at a good price and it arrived a couple of days ago. Now it’s just sitting on my kitchen counter mocking me every time that I walk by. I don’t think that I will last much longer. But I have so much sewing to do…I’m worried that I’ll get caught up in learning it and not get my sewing done. Plus I want to open a gift on my birthday….but that’s 3 weeks away! Decisions, decisions!

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  1. I love the stars! I'm really bad about opening presents early. My hubby can look at them all wrapped up for ages and not open them until his birthday. Stronger willpower I guess. Please post and let us know how you like the software!

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