Living in Luxury or at least in Voile

I’ll admit it. This week I threw away a sewing project. It was a dress that I had been working on and off for the last couple of years. A few weeks back I told you all I was going to complete it soon and would show you. Well, I’m sorry but my vanity has reared its ugly head and I just couldn’t take a picture of myself in the dress. I decided that I needed to let the project go and just toss it. I had wisely chosen to make the pattern from some fabric that I had bought for a dollar a yard before attempting it in the fabric I really wanted to use, an Anna Maria Horner Voile.

So that left me with some beautiful voile fabric and decisions to make on how to use it. I have been collecting the voile for some time with the intention of using it in something. But what? And then my friend Kelly posted a pic of some lovely pillow cases that she made from another voile and I knew what I needed to do. Copy her.

Voile pillowcase

As it turns out, I really copied her by even using the same tutorial. I didn’t realize that until tonight. lol. But the tutorial is Ashley’s and it’s lovely. It was everything I was looking for in a tutorial and I was so happy that I didn’t have to write it myself. Yeah for following someone else’s pattern!

Voile pillowcase

The voile needs to be cut down a bit for the tutorial since it uses a 45″ width fabric and the voile is larger. I also wasn’t too keen on trying to match up stripes running in the opposite direction for the cuff (see the pattern to see what I mean) so I searched through my stash looking for a good match to this pretty pastry voile. The Joel Dewberry fabric jumped out at me and said “Use me! Use me” I’m such a good neutral!” I swear. It really said that. Remember, my fabric talks.

Voile pillowcase

I’m so pleased because this project turned out perfectly. I love it when that happens. I love them and even better, my husband loves them. We’ve been using them all weekend and they’ve been great. I think I may make all of my pillowcases from now on. I’d love to make some flannel ones as well. I’m slowly surrounding my family in hand made items that are truly better than something I could have bought.  Wait until you see the tutu I’m making for the girlie!

19 thoughts on “Living in Luxury or at least in Voile”

  1. Yep! A convert just like me! I hurry and wash my voile pillow cases so I can put them right back on! I guess that means I should make a few more so I can have a rotation, huh? Yours turned out beautifully!

  2. Viole is so soft – it feels like silk. I made DgD a twirl skirt and top from some. Now I may make me some pillowcases!

    Nana B

  3. Yep, sometimes, you just have to pull the plug. I've got some voile that may end up being pillowcases as well (unless I can get off my butt and make the PJ set I've been planning).

    Beautiful pillowcases. And I bet they're very comfy!

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