Lone Star Vintage Quilt

I did it!  I bought my first vintage quilt top the other day.  I got a random phone call from a totally random person I know (who I’ve probably never talked to on the phone) telling me about a garage sale in her area.  The woman running the garage sale was selling a bunch of fabric and this friend knew that I quilted so she thought to call me.

I’m not a garage sale person usually (mainly because it usually requires early morning hours) and I rarely answer my phone when I don’t have the number plugged in.  But I DID answer it and I DID go to the sale.  I thought the fabric might be a bust but at the $1 a yard price I figured it was worth looking.

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

Turns out the woman had a mother who quilted who had passed away and was selling off her fabric stash (which made me want to put into my will what my fabric should be sold for!).  For the most part the fabric wasn’t my style but it was all good quality fabric and I so wished I knew someone who would quilt with it bc that’s a BARGAIN price.  She also had a superb collection of vintage linens that she was slowly destashing and those were so beautiful.  I don’t collect them myself but I can appreciate their beauty and work.

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

What I did end up finding was a quilt top of a Lone Star done in gradating shades of yellow.  It is beautifully pieced and in near pristine condition.  The few little age stains on the white fabric just make me love it more actually.  I’ve been wanting to make a Lone Star quilt for ever.  Seriously.  I think since I started quilting, this pattern has grabbed my attention.  And the solids and yellows are just perfect for me.  It is truly timeless.  The woman had bought it as at an estate sale and planned to use it for a tablecloth. (!!!)

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

I feel like I’ve rescued it and it is in a home where it will be truly loved as the creator of it (whoever that is) meant it to be.  I paid $40 for the top and it’s about 80″ x 80″.  I did the garage sale barter thing and even had her throw in a few pieces of fabric and yards of eyelet lace.  I could tell she wasn’t emotionally attached to the quilt top since it was not her mom’s work so I didn’t feel too badly doing that.

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

Now I have to figure out how to quilt it and bind it etc.  I don’t know if I should add anything to it to make it larger and bed size or if I could keep it that size and hang it.  Hmm…80″ is probably too big to hang in my house.


23 thoughts on “Lone Star Vintage Quilt”

  1. Oh my!! vintage love!! Yellow vintage quilts are my favorite, and you've got such a lovely one! I have a large one hung in my stair well, maybe that would work for you if you don't have time to quilt it? XX!

  2. What a beautiful quilt top! I've had a lone star on my quilting bucket list for quite a while too 🙂 I would leave it as is and quilt and bind it, but if it won't get any use at that size in your house then definitely make it bigger. I'm excited to see how you finish it!

  3. Whatever size you decided on I think you should quilt it modern like you quilt your own tops. I think the maker would love that her top has traveled through time!

  4. My first vintage quilt was a Lone Star, too. It was completely finished, all hand quilted, and I just love it! Such fun to imagine who worked on it, and where they intended it to go. Wherever they are, I hope they're happy with it on my living room couch. 🙂

  5. Tim Latimer is a blogger and frequently rescues old quilts and finishes them. He is quite a dab hand at hand quilting and I'd get in touch with him and ask what he thinks. It is a lovely find and well done to you for rescuing it. Please keep us posted as you make the journey with it.

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