Love All Around – A Quilt Block and Sentiment

When my friend Lee of May Chappell Designs told me of her thoughts about this block, I couldn’t help but eagerly volunteer to join.

As she says in HER post:

“Lately I’ve been feeling as though there’s a lot of negativity going around, from the election to world affairs to right here in our own quilting community. I decided to create a block called Love All Around. It’s all about coming from a place of love and kindness. Quilting brings me joy and I love sharing that with all of you! Let’s all try to take a second to send a note of support, offer a word of kindness, cheer for the underdog or offer a helping hand. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or maybe keep thinking and find something nice to say!”



I love that last sentiment!  Keep thinking and think of something nice to say.  We are here to love each other and love the world.  Do not let differences pull you and us apart.  Rather let us celebrate each other and find the parts of each that we love.  I rather suspect that we will find we have a great deal MORE to love about each other than we ever do to hate or even dislike.

For me, this block signifies what my personal journey in the quilting world is: TEAM UNITY.  Corny?  Maybe.  Impossible? Only if you don’t have hope.  Necessary? For the sake of the art and the craft that is this beautiful world of creation we are so lucky to be a part of…ABSOLUTELY.


So join me with Lee and soooo many other friends in taking on this challenge to combat the world with love and kindness.  Be IN the world but not OF it.  Outdo one another in generosity of heart and spirit.

And create your own block or many! Lee has a TUTORIAL on her website for this heart filled block. Create one a month or combine with a group to make a quilt.  Or simply create as I did here let it do the work.  My block is doubly filled with love because I chose to make it from my fabrics from Curious Dream.  Fabrics created with joy and hope for what the future holds.

Won’t you join us?

5 thoughts on “Love All Around – A Quilt Block and Sentiment”

  1. I love the sentiment behind this block. There’s been way too much political favoritism expressed, particularly on Instagram. It breaks my heart to know our wonderful quilting world has become so divided. I know that a quilt block won’t change anything, but I will continue to give to others, and share my love, even with those who make incorrect blanket statements about me because I have a different opinion than they do.

  2. Thank you for this post, I needed to hear what you said. I’ve been finding myself avoiding the news and Facebook because I find all that is going on in our world a bit depressing. I have been thinking about working on some comfort quilts. Not only do I hope they will bring comfort to someone who receives them but I know they will be comforting to me to create them. You hit the nail on the head. If we seek out spreading love and kindness, maybe it will catch on and we can make a difference doing what we love to do. You certainly made a difference in my day today. ❤

  3. Expecting a world without conflict is unrealistic. The problem I see in the quilt word is that many are hypersensitive and assume intentions that are false. Like criticizing quilt judges for “unfair” criticism when a judge is trying her best. This often occurs on social media for all to read. Expecting all to just keep their mouths shut sounds like something from the 1950s. We need to learn how to communicate our concerns to those who offend you in a productive way. Really try to gain an understanding of where the person is coming from before getting all mad about. Women have been discouraged from doing this in the past and were expected to sit prettily and avoid all conflict. Fortunately as women’s rights have grown its time we learned conflict resolution instead of repression. Don’t be afraid to address issues – thats the only way to resolve hurt feelings.

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