March Madness

Well I’ve been quite busy sewing away on the latest quilt. It’s a bit larger than I normally make, plus it’s a string paper pieced quilt. So that all adds up to a lot of work. Here’s a pic of all the blocks finished and ready to be sewn together. I’m actually much farther than this now and practically have the whole quilt top done and paper removed. Hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have that part done!

This quilt needs to be finished within the week…so all other sewing projects are definitely off the plate until I finish this. Wish me luck…

But once I finish that, I have all kinds of ideas for my next quilts and finishing up quilts that I started a while ago! I’ve been drawn to the fabric fairies and started collecting a bunch of new fabrics at great prices…it feels like old times before I was sick and laying on the couch for nine months. Here’s some of the lovely fabrics that I’ve been purchasing!


And I’ve decided to join a new bee, Pretty in Pink Bee. I have plenty of pink fabrics that I rarely use because it’s hard to blend them with other fabrics without automatically ending up with a female quilt. It’s kind of a sweet idea and I love the idea of working with everyone’s favorite pink fabrics. There are lots of sweet ones out there. Here’s the fabrics that I’ve pulled from my stash that I think that I will use. My month is not until August, so I’ve got plenty of time to come up with what pattern/idea I want everyone to do!


And if all that were not enough, I think that there are a couple of quilt alongs that I would like to do and I’m trying to start my own bee with other fabulous quilters! Let’s just say that I’m ready to sew again!

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