Mod Sampler Quilt Finished!

Woohoo! I’ve finished another quilt! This time it is the quilt that I was making as part of the Mod Sampler Quilt along hosted by Oh Fransson! It was my first quilt along, online or in person, and it was so enlightening to see the same pattern made soooo many different ways with different fabrics. Thankfully I still like mine 😉 but there are definitely some other versions out there that I really like as well.

I used an all over meandering stipple pattern for the quilting. That’s what was recommended and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It was the first time that I used that technique on a large scale like this. So I’m sure that I will get better and better at it.

I also used linen for the first time as part of the quilt. I really loved how the linen looked quilted. The thread blended in beautifully and the texture of the linen adds a detail that you can’t get with a flat cotton.

This quilt also had a pieced back. I love pieced backs on quilts! It makes it more like two quilts in one really. I deliberated entirely too long on the fabrics used for the back, but in the end I think that it was worth it. The main fabric is part of the Lush line by Moda and I was lucky to find any! Add a couple of Joel Dewberry prints for the other part of the backing and the binding and I was set.

My husband thinks that the Lush fabric looks like camouflage! LOL In a way, he is right. That fits right in with the theme of the overall fabric line. Good eye Mike!

You can click on the link in the side bar to see more quilts done in this pattern.

8 thoughts on “Mod Sampler Quilt Finished!”

  1. oh I think that it is camouflage in a way…I also think that it is paint by numbers. There are lots of little numbers all over the fabric too.
    When I see this fabric with the paint box one from the line, all I think is pretty paint. When I see it with the deer fabric from the line, then I really see the camouflage side! Dual purpose. 🙂

  2. I like your mod sampler. It is fun to see all of the different quilts that have surfaced on flikr. Also, you fish is awesome! My Aunt lives across the lake in Mandeville. I have visited her often. I also do not know that many quilters. Look forward to trading the the Bee Modern… Mary

  3. Hi,

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