Modern Blocks Book – Part Three Alternate Colors

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

Phew! Here we are with my last post for a while on any blocks that I’ve made for/from this book. This is your last chance to comment and play along for a chance at a special prize. 😉 Today I’m sharing the last of the alternate color way blocks that I made while pattern testing these blocks. I just have three of the last four to show you because my alternate version of binary is virtually indistinguishable from the original. I was definitely fond of the white, grey, yellow, cerise, and green colors. I still am!

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

Box Kite alternate:

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

I really love this block in the alternate colors too. It’s just a really strong pattern that plays well with others. I kept it in solids again but did a more “simple” version with variations on a single color within each diamond.

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

I’m very fond of how the charcoal grey really makes the diamonds pop and the high contrast of the white center square…but those are all things which can be changed and personalized for your own blocks. A white background with a hot pink center and diamonds in shades of yellow sounds a little bit delicious to me!

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color


Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

One of my major concerns when picking out the fabrics for the original block was that people would not like my fabric choices (they are pretty strong patterns!) and therefore miss the lines of the block. So I wanted to make it with fabrics that are a little more “simple”. Also, there are four different fabrics around the exterior instead of two. Just to play more with the design options.

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

In the end, you get more of a blender block I think…but one thing I’m confident of…the center really works best with solids and a small-scale print.

It’s a Stretch:

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

I really think you could make this block in any color and it would look great. I do think it works best with solids in general, but I’d love for someone to prove me wrong. lol

Modern Blocks Book Alternate Color

I used more different types of colors in this version just to see how the colors would play off of each other in this design. And though I’m desperately in love with the original, this version helps me picture the block in virtually any colors you want!

I hope you have all enjoyed my little sneak peak at the book and hearing my thoughts behind the process. I always have lots of opinions. 😉 It’s been so fun to see some of these blocks already popping up in other colors and fabrics! If you do make one, I’d love if you added your picture to my group on Flickr, Cut To Pieces.

25 thoughts on “Modern Blocks Book – Part Three Alternate Colors”

  1. Oooh I love these alternate colourways Angela … you are sooo clever.

    My fave blocks are the binary and it's a stretch … in all colours .. I agree, I see it in a myriad colourway thing and it looks good! (in my head, obviously!)

  2. These are such fun! Isn't it interesting how the "It's a Stretch" block looks bigger with white instead of black. Even when they are matched to each other, it still looks larger!

    With the white square in the center of the Box Kite block – that would make a very cool signature block too. 😀

    Thanks for sharing all of them with us.

  3. I've loved your posts on this book – congrats on having so many wonderful blocks included; they really are terrific!
    It's been so good to get a peek at the blocks and also see alternatives and hear your thoughts on them. My favourites of these later ones are Envy and Binary (Its a Stretch looks too scary, lol)
    I'm waiting for my copy of the book to arrive so I can pore over all of the blocks – a real treat in store 🙂

  4. I won the e book and have had such a great time imagining what I will do first. Envy is my favorite block, but that may be because of the fabrics you chose in the book. I love the Michael Miller geometric and all the colors are in my happy range!

  5. I just love your Box Kite block – it looks so clean and modern, and I think it would make a quilt that men would like…which is always good. Congratulations on having so many blocks included.

  6. Love the alternative colours here too :o) As for attempting yesterday's suggestion, yep, I'll add it to my list, I should be able to get to it about mid-May o.O Seriously though, I'd love to give it a go, I may need to stash build some solids first…

  7. Angela, congratulations on your brilliant contribution to this book. Your blocks are the ones that are enticing me to buy it 🙂 So crisp and precise – very lovely!

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