Modern Blocks Book – Part Three

Modern Blocks Book

Well here are the last four blocks that I have in the new book Modern Blocks. If you’ve been reading along, you know that these are the last four of eleven blocks I have in the book. I’ve also been sharing a second block of each that I’ve made so you can see them in another colorway. I hope you are all enjoying the blocks. I’m so happy I can finally share them with you! And on with the show…


Modern Blocks Book

This block is one of my personal favorites. It’s so simple but somehow dramatic too. I couldn’t help but think of all things computer and math while I was designing this one. I really wanted to name it secret code, but I’m not sure that would have made sense. I hope the binary name works too…if not, just ignore the name and enjoy the block.

Modern Blocks Book

This block is great because it’s pretty simple to make and you can do a whole bunch pretty quickly. And simply alternating the direction of the stripes by turning the block 90 degrees gives you a fabulous layout for a quilt. Again, one that I think men would respond well to if done in the right colors. I know we’re all always looking for quilts that men would like. 😉

Box Kite:

I’m going to sound like a broken record but this block is one of my favorites as well. It’s paper pieced in sections and I love how many fabrics you can squeeze into this one block. And the colors in the red/orange diamond are so Harry Pottereque to me. lol Go Gryffindor!Modern Blocks Book

I would use this block as a stand-alone block or as an alternating block in a quilt. A whole quilt of these would probably be too busy. But someone make one and prove me wrong. 😉

Modern Blocks Book

It’s a Stretch:

Modern Blocks Book

Some of you may recognize this one…I already shared some sneak peeks of it on the C & T Publishing’s blog along with some quilt options and alternate options. You can check that out here if you missed it.

This block is paper pieced for the most accurate precision. Remember, the block is only 12″ finished, so that’s a lot of seams to keep really straight and not lose any seam allowance.

Modern Blocks Book

And I was lucky enough to have this block end up on the cover of the book! So exciting for me! What a treat!

And finally, the last block is…


Modern Blocks Book

Another “spin” on a classic fence rail block. The proportions of this block turned out really lovely. I love how you can use focus fabrics around the exterior and simple fabrics in high contrast for the center. And I was really surprised to see that this too ended up on the cover of the book as well. Double blessed!

All that’s left to share is the alternate colors of these blocks and then you will have seen what a very busy fall was for me last year. lol I hope you enjoy these!

20 thoughts on “Modern Blocks Book – Part Three”

  1. They're all wonderful, but I find Box Kite especially interesting. I popped it into EQ7 so I could see what it would look like in an entire quilt, and it's actually very interesting. I swapped the gray and center square for black, just to play, and it looks like jewels scattered across black cloth.

  2. I love seeing other people's favourites almost as much as the blocks themselves! I personally love 'envy'. The simplicity of it certainly appeals to me! Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!

  3. I really like Envy, but I LOVE Box Kite, the colours, the shapes, the layout… I do see what you mean about a whole quilt maybe being a bit OTT, but if you had some equal sized white blocks in between, maybe with a square in the middle that was a 4 patch of the kite colours, or even a kite in the middle, that could work really nicely

    1. It was paper pieced in many small sections. If you dissect it, you can see that it is a complicated nine patch. I did each "patch" individually and then sewed them together.

    2. Thanks.

      I think I figured it out– the template in the book doesn't quite work for paper piecing but I sketched out the 4.5" blocks, added a seam allowance, and drew in the triangles. The block is coming along!

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