Modern Blocks Book – Part Two

Modern Blocks Book

Are you ready for some more blocks from the Modern Block book? I hope so! Because I still have a bunch to show you. Oh and Happy Halloween! I hope to have some good pictures of my little gal in her Halloween costume after today. Nope, I didn’t make it. I happily bought it. 😉 But more on that later.

For today, a glimpse at some more of the blocks that I designed for the Modern Blocks Book that is coming out/available by C & T Publishing for Stash Books.

Last Call:

This block is a variation of the traditional drunkard’s path block. This is another one that I first made for a bee when we were supposed to make a circle block. (See! those bees do come in handy!)

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

I learned a lot from my trial run on this block which I’ll show you soon. (the one in the other colorway). Less is more. This is a pretty busy block and my first attempt I had every piece of fabric in the block unique. But really that makes it too busy…unless you do this with all solids. So it’s helpful to repeat each fabric a few times in the block.

Oh and this is quite possibly my favorite name EVER for a block!

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

Cross Walk:

I know that you all will ask, so I’ll tell you right now that the fabric I used in this block is a spoonflower exclusive fabric. I’m trying to get in touch with the designer to see if it is still available. (It’s been a year since I got this!)    Thanks, Jen for the update on this fabric.  You can find it at A Little Sweetness in her Etsy Shop!

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

This is a variation on a nine-patch block. A complicated one, but still a nine patch in essence. You have to be sure to piece this with scant 1/4″ seams so that you don’t lose any width when you sew it, but it’s really not too hard of a block.

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

Once again, this is a block that is perfect for fussy cutting and showcasing a special fabric.

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

and the last one for today…

Slot Machine:

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

This block is mainly paper pieced to help you get those super crisp points on the diamonds. I’ll admit that in this colorway, this block was tricky. I’m not sure that there is anything much harder than trying to piece solid black and white perfectly. lol. But I’ve also done this block with prints as I’ll show you and it’s MUCH more forgiving. So once again…give it a whirl!

Modern Blocks Book Part Two

Told you I was in a diamond mood…and I still have another diamond-block left to show you later this week.

I hope you are all playing along here and enjoying a sneak peek at the book. Which one do you like?!

20 thoughts on “Modern Blocks Book – Part Two”

  1. I am feeling the DP lately since we are doing the quilt along…love that one! And your 9 patch variation with the sweet fabrics is so adorable! Love them all!

  2. I especially love the Cross Walk block 🙂 I've come across the fabrics at 'A Little Sweetness' before but never realised just how fab they could look in a quilt block!

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