Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

On Saturday we had another sew day for the New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild. Although just a few of us were able to show up, we had a blast. We met at the newest quilt store in town, the Quilted Owl. They’re technically still not open but you wouldn’t know it! LOL. They are such sweet women who were thrilled to have us there in their work space. They bought us doughnuts and lunch! How nice was that?! Needless to say, we all did a little shopping after that! Most of their fabric is unfortunately not my style but their store is just darling. They have a converted bathroom (sounds weird, but is the cutest thing ever) that holds all of their 30s repro prints. So I got a few of those. I’ll post pictures when I think to do that.

Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

We were meeting to sew but with some purpose this time. We were all making Charity blocks for Anna Maria Horner’s charity Rainbow around the Block. They are taking 12.5″ blocks and making them into quilts for the victims of the Tennessee floods for the upcoming winter. Apparently it’s quite warm there right now, but I think that the quilts will be made just in time for the winter. I’d like to say that we all brought some scraps, but in reality Kaelin brought scraps.

And when I say that she brought scraps, let me wow you with her generosity. She brought the scraps that she won from Oh Fransson out of over 1000 entries and let us have at them. And let me tell you it was like play time! I have a whole pile of fun and different fabrics now. Again, I’ll have to take a pic so you can see what I mean…but just imagine every designer you love and scraps from them. They were there. I insisted that Kaelin come over after the meeting to go through my stash and find some things that she liked because she was being so ridiculously generous.

Modern Quilt Guild Meeting
Kaelin and her MIL Lana

Lana is such a dear and our biggest cheerleader. She recently learned to sew and builds all of us up by telling us how amazing we are and loves everything we make!

Modern Quilt Guild meeting

Karen was there working away on her amazing blocks that she made from Kaelin’s scraps with no pattern just off the top of her head. Lime green and black and white!

Kealin and Karen made some fun and amazing blocks. I loved Kaelin’s rose block so much I promptly copied it for a bee block that I made right after. I’ll share that block soon when I finish the second block.

Modern quilt guild

It was a great day filled with movie quotes, I’m a single lady dancing, and lots of Glee love. It’s so fun to sew with people and laugh the whole time!


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  1. I think that it was in the first issue of Fat Quarterly…I'm pretty sure that's where Kaelin got the idea. I'll have to look at my issue to be sure, but they might have a pic of a quilt made entirely from that block.

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