Modern Swappers Package Received aka All my goodies aka I have the BEST partner ever!

At this point I’ve done a lot of bees, so I’ve been used to getting blocks in the mail…and that is always exciting to see them in person and fawn over them. But I gotta say, if all swaps are like this one…I might be a swap convert!

Modern Swappers is coming to a close. I actually haven’t shipped out my package yet because domestic shippers can’t until the 25th. But the international shippers got to ship early because it takes longer for their package to arrive. Or does it?! I lucked out with a Canadian partner and apparently Canada thought that I should get this package in record time and I received it less than a week after she sent it.

I know, I know…that’s great and all….but what did you get?! And who was your secret partner?

Well first off, my secret partner was cilvee and let’s just say I would have her again as a secret partner in a heartbeat. I LOVE everything she gave me and I was just blown away by her generosity! So thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Let me wow you with all she sent me first and then we’ll break down each lovely piece!

Delicious isn’t it? She gave me everything I asked for and more!

Let’s start with that piece in the middle. What is it? It’s obviously made with one of the most coveted fabric currently – and one that I happen to own none of!

Modern Swappers Package

It’s a laptop cover! I asked for one and she made it for me. See that darling mouse? Well she made an extra pocket for me for the cords and the mouse of the computer. She gave a sneak peak of this in the group and I was almost %100 positive that this is what it was and that it was coming to me. but you never know… I was jumping out of my seat when the package arrived because I knew who it was from and was so excited to open it! She has the perfect placement of the FFA2 fabric and now I have this lovely creation all of my very own. It’s lined with a soft flannel to help protect the computer and everything! Oh how I love this.

But the fun does not stop there! Next is this gorgeous little wall hanging that she cleverly made match my sewing room. I was thinking about it later and I did do an entry on what my sewing room looks like, so I wonder if she was clever enough to look there and pick up on the themes and colors.

Modern Swappers Package

See those gorgeous flowers? She made those!!! She crocheted them and they match my sewing room perfectly. I’m such a dunce because I even said that when she posted the pic of this in the group and it didn’t even dawn on me that it would be for me. Ah innocence! It’s so perfect in every way…I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it!

Now onto all that lovely fabric! And when I say lovely I mean it!

Modern Swappers Package

That’s right folks! Four fat quarters of the oh so heavenly Little Folks Voile. Even my husband thought that this fabric was special. LOL. Seriously…could she be any more generous?!
But wait! There’s more!

Modern Swappers Package

That’s Monaluna Mingle in steel and I love it! I’ve been eyeing this colorway for a LONG time and resisting. But I put it on my wish list for this swap and lo and behold I now have some of my own! More to add to my stash…I just love shades of grey right now. ( Well I’ll be honest and say that I love shades of every color right now…but grey is such a perfect neutral!)

But you didn’t think that was it did you? Oh no….she also sent this darling book “The world is your oyster”. Apparently it’s illustrated by a seller on Etsy.

Modern Swappers Package

The illustrations are beautiful and both my husband and I love the book although the she sent it to me to read to my little girl. LOL. The girlie hasn’t even seen it yet. I want to look at those illustrations again and again! It was such a thoughtful extra gift and we really enjoy it. So perfect!

And here’s me looking very happy with all of my gifts! I had so many that I had to surround myself in them!

Modern Swappers Package

So you should all sign up for the next session of Modern Swappers and get yourself a fabulous partner like mine! LOL. This was an extremely rewarding first swap experience and I haven’t even sent my package off to my partner yet. Here’s hoping that she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed mine. But it’s doubtful because I LOVE mine!

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