Molehills Quilt

Oh I’m so excited!  I actually finished a quilt top from my Sewtopia weekend (I’ve finished both projects from our classes but one at a time here…gotta spread the posts out!).  The first finish I want to share with you (and disclaimer, by “finish” I mean I pieced the top) is the fabulous curved design, Molehills by Latifah Saafir.  I love this pattern!

molehills quilt

Eep!  Isn’t it fabulous?! I went all out on color and print on this one.  No neutrals, no solids, no nothing.  Just fun fabulous fabrics.  And all of the fabrics were hanging out in my stash, so I love the collected look it has with fabrics from years ago and new releases.  Those are my favorite types of quilts.  Plus, bonus!  I actually used fabrics from my stash.  Gasp!  I know!

molehills quilt

Latifah’s original design called for all pieced arcs (and in fact you could have pieced each arc in sections first and then pieced them to the others in the same “hill”.)  There are so many options though and I followed the lead of my gal pal, Rossie, who was super smart about adding full fabric hills to both cut down on the amount of piecing needed, showing off great large scale prints in my stash, and highlighting the pieced arcs as something truly special.

molehills quilt

Because, come on, sometimes you just have to use a big chunk of a glorious fabric to show it off and appreciate it.  I love that you can get a full view of the two “cat” prints here, and the large florals can finally be seen not just on a quilt back.

I also made my pieced hills slightly more subtle by piecing them from fabrics all from one colorway. With creative exceptions of course to mix things up. But I stuck with a coral, blue and yellow theme with dashes of a deep neutral here and there and I LOVE it.  (I may have mentioned that… lol…but I LOVE it)

molehills quilt

I’ve completely lost track of how many different designers ended up in this quilt but it was someone around 14 at last count.  And I LOVE that I could do that.  I don’t always get a chance these days to truly mix and match between companies and designers, but for a quilt for ME it’s a no brainer.  I’m treating myself to a long arm quilter for this which is why I’m showing it not “finished” but I’ll be sure to inundate you all with more pictures when it is truly done.  Because remember: Quilts take time.  Sometimes we are under crazy schedules and it looks like they are produced over night…but that is not real life.  I finished this top quickly because I had a whole day to work on cutting out all the pieces and piecing the hills.  Then I was so excited about it that I brought it home and wanted to finish it! Excitement finished this, not necessity.

Oh and I do believe that Latifah officially has the pattern available for sale now!!  So you can all go and get it.  I PROMISE that is a doable quilt.  I was in a room with 80 people of all different levels of sewing experience and everyone was able to sew this.  These gentle curves are practically straight seams!  So go check out Latifah’s site and get the pattern! Oh and I just saw that she is running a quilt along.  Get the tips from the expert!

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  1. It's a beauty. I'm going to follow your lead and try the whole hills here and there. Yes! I'm making another one with a few surprises.

  2. This is awesome, I do love the mix of pieced and solid hills! I'm digging every molehill quilt I see on social media. Your term "deep neutral" made me laugh… I need to know the difference between a deep neutral and a colour ; )

  3. Gorgeous! And thanks for reassuring us that the curves are doable.Those hills look pretty big, too, so I guess that would help. What size is this quilt?

    1. You can get more details about quilt sizes and hill sizes from Latifah's post about the pattern. But for ours we did need at half yard because the top of the hills is larger than a fat quarter. She was thinking of changing it to be fat quarter friendly but I don't know that she shrunk the hills or not.

  4. Hi Angela-I completed the table runner from your book in the color of the tiles in our newly remodeled home. I am presently working on the Ombre Pillow using microfiber-any tips when sewing with microfiber? I noticed it has an electro-static charge, that is all the threads stick to you because microfiber is a synthetic. I saw a tip on Craftsy for working with drunkard’s path and thought I would pass it on to you: Fold both your pieces in half and snip 1/4″ at the midpoint-it helps with easing the curve. It’s sure been helpful for me as the microfiber is much more closely woven and as a result is less willing to ease a curve. I love the molehill quilt but have so many projects on my “to-do” list before tackling a few more projects from your book.

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