Mug Rug Swap Complete!

Well my very first mug rug swap is complete! You might remember the mug rug that I made…it was a while ago, but it had a sunbather, some beach umbrellas, and water (plus a bunch of tiny details!). Well, I was finally able to send that and my whole little package off to my swap partner and I got another delightful package from another person.

First I want to show off what I received! It’s turns out that the lovely Emily/Emedoodle had me as her partner. She made so many mug rugs that I couldn’t keep up with her…I think she was trying to make one for the whole swap group! So I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t comment on any of her mug rugs. I was not super crazy member of the mug rug swap like I was for the doll quilt swap…but I think it’s because there just soooo many mug rugs being posted every day and they were each so different. I did however manage to be the only one to comment on HER inspiration mosaic! LOL. A lot of good that did…except she could make me what she would like I guess.

First, the mug rug….or should I say mug rugs? That’s right…she sent me two!

Mug rug

They have hand stitching, beautiful decorative machine stitches, embroidery, selvages, stars and stripes…what’s not to love?!

She even personalized one with my initial of my first name! I remember the picture when she showed this mug rug and had this part covered up because she didn’t want to give away who it was for…I think that I immediately dismissed her as my partner because I didn’t think that there was anything that would stand out as “me”. But my initial would have make me think….

Mug Rug

She also sent along some other little goodies for me…one of them being some recipes for some super yummy cookies. I’d like to say that I’ll make them, but in reality I’ll probably talk my husband into doing it. He’s such a great baker (see…he’s reading this and I’m already buttering him up!).

Mug Rug

In addition to all of that, she also sent me a delightful handful of scraps to add to my ever growing scrap collection and some sweet butterfly pins! Here’s all the loot!

Mug rug

Thank you so much Emily! I’m delighted be on the receiving end of your generosity! I’ve just placed the mug rugs in the family room instead of my sewing room so that they’ll really get used. And they will!

Now onto my package for my partner. I had some of you guess who I was making this for but I think it’s because she has some pretty obvious likes! But it was nice to make something for someone when you are sure that they will love it because they have been so clear about what it is that they love. LOL. So….my secret partner was….FlossieBlossoms/Susan/Sooz (however you choose to call her)! I was a little intimidated at first because she’s not a lady who holds back and she’s running the whole swap! So I figured I better step up my game and give her something she would remember.

Since I foolishly forgot to take pictures of the package that I sent her and what was hidden under the beach blanket, Flossie graciously gave me permission to use her pictures.

Going with my beach theme, I didn’t want to send coffee or tea…and Flossie made it clear in her comments that she would be open to receiving recipes for adult beverages. So I sent her a couple of cocktail recipes on pretty cards that I topped with Lime ribbon. And I also sent along a bundle of fabrics that just reminded me of her and that I thought she would enjoy.

Mug rug

Flossie does not disappoint in the reaction category! I hope you all experience a partner that is so thrilled by what you make for them. It’s quite a boost to your moral to have someone title their picture “Tweedledee Designs Blows Me AWAY!” LOL. It’s in even bigger font on flickr, so it was really quite sweet.

and she posted a teasing picture to show what might be under that beach blanket…

Mug rug

Fans of Flossie will pick up immediately what or rather who is under that blanket…which is exactly why I couldn’t show even the slightest peak!

It is her kitty! Nosey Parker!

Mug rug

Sooz said “I just love it when Nosey Parker is included in things, it’s so special to me because she’s so special.” Woohoo! Nailed it! Go for sentimental people…it always works! LOL. But pay no attention the fact that the cat is roughly the same size as the sun bather. I can’t fix everything! 😉

Sooz had bought a brand new mug just for the swap and it was covered in sunshine! I debated a lot of ways to go with her theme…the mug almost threw me off my game because the colors are a little more muted than what she normally goes for. But I threw caution to the wind and went with my gut.

Mug rug

I think that she liked it. 😉

8 thoughts on “Mug Rug Swap Complete!”

  1. I think you did a great job and please, please, please can you be my partner next time????? I like beaches too, but alas, I have no cat…just a bichon frise dog, "Emmy".

  2. Wow! What great packages to receive and to give. I love the bicycle one you were given. I've been watching everyone receive their mug rugs and thinking that I really need to make one! They look so fun and so pretty. I was actually checking out mugs at the store today for that very purpose. Was there a standard size or did everyone just wing it?

  3. For the sake of anyone else wondering…there was not a standard size for these but most people were somewhere in the 6" x 8" area. A little bigger or smaller. I think the one I made was 5.5" x 8".

    and Carol you'll have to get the powers that be to make me your partner next time. I've already had someone volunteer to be my partner for the next doll quilt. LOL.

  4. It's mine, it's mine and I didn't LIKE it all, I LOVED it all! This has to be the cutest mug rug in the whole swap and you have no idea how much I will treasure it, Twee. OK, Angela….. it's hard for me to think of you having a normal name, you're so extraordinary!

    This was the greatest, sweetest package and I was tickled by every single bit of it, the ribbon trimmed recipe cards, the cool stack of Hawaiian fabrics, the extra limey ribbon, all of it! Not to mention, of course, THE mug rug to beat all mug rugs! I love all the details and the workmanship is so perfect. Having Nosey Parker hiding under a towel is just the icing on the cake! Love, love, LOVE! The fabric on the back is so wonderful, too. What a delightful piece!

    Thank you so much for making this swap a total success for me. I loved making for my partner and I loved getting something from you. The fact that it is so special and tailored to my likes so well, made it extra great. You're the best, Angela!

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