My 5 Favorite Storage Solutions

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I’m excited to share some of my favorite storage solutions, these are a few of my favorite things that have helped me organize my space. This post may include some affiliate links. Just know, all products that I recommend I have used personally and clicking on an affiliate link will cost you nothing! 

1. Lazy Susan Organizer


Perfect for organizing under sinks or in cabinetry so that you have access to everything on it.  I have these and use them in all parts of my house…from organizing cleaning supplies, to arranging bath salts and gels, to stacks of fat quarter bundles.

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2. Clear Storage Jars

Small clear acrylic jars that are just the right size for bulk purchases and organizing multiples of the same product.  Imagine a button collection sorted by colors or washi tape arranged in a way you can see it!  Just a note, the lids simply rest on top rather than a screw top.  So that makes it perfect for containers that you need easy access to, but I wouldn’t go storing any loose glitter in there unless you are braver than me. 😉

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3. Cord Organizers

The cutest cord organizers around!  I don’t know about you, but 2023 makes me want to take charge of all things digital.  And that definitely includes the physical part of that with cord storage.  You’ll love these helping hands who practically do the work for you. 

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4. Mini Cutters

These darling retractable mini cutters are perfect for all your crafting and office needs.  I’d be lost without my box cutters.  I think I’m single handedly keeping the shipping companies in business with all that I order online.  And rather than risk injury using partially open scissors or steak knives (You know you’ve done it!), I use these to open boxes quickly and easily.  Plus they just make me really happy to see.  Cute tools? Nothing better!

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5. Rolling Utility Cart

If for some reason  you have yet to get yourself a metal rolling utility cart please jump on the bandwagon and pick up one in your favorite color.  I’ve had one for a number of years now and couldn’t be without it.  It’s the perfect place for me to store items that are works in progress.  This cart creates a temporary home for projects that need a quick cute dumping ground organizer.  Even when a project is not complete and needs to be put aside for your current newest obsession, this cart makes your partially done work feel like a thing of beauty.  Just be careful you don’t let the works in progress make permanent homes there.  It’s definitely tempting!

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Happy organizing!

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