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So I’m sure it will shock you all to know that on my Christmas wish list is a wide assortment of all things sewing related. Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist over the fact that I’m already making a Christmas list, let me explain that my family will be celebrating Christmas over Thanksgiving because that is when we will all be together! So there. I HAVE to have a list… and my clever brother sets it all up on the internet with passwords for everyone so we can add our own gifts and not see who has bought it. But we can see who has bought what for someone else. It’s quite clever…we put links to the objects and image files and everything. Well at least one of my brothers and I do…the rest of my family takes a bit longer to figure that all out. 😉

So now that you are wowed by my brother’s ability with computers, let me tell you what I think I want. And then you all can tell me why I should or shouldn’t get it! Feedback before Christmas means less returns afterwards! Trust me when I say that my family does much better when we list out exactly what we would like (oh and I forgot to mention that on the website we are able to rank with stars how important we consider the gift! how cool is that?)

There are a few books out there that I don’t have that I really would like to. I’ve seen some mixed reviews, but if there is even one great thing in a book I think that it is worth it. Of course that is probably why I haven’t bought them already yet. LOL.

First off I would like “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross.

Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching

I know that this book has some mixed reviews…but I continue to think about it…so onto the list it goes.  Plus I  just adore that that skirt on the front!  The cover makes me so happy!

I also would love Malka Dubrawsky’s newest book coming out soon.

Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration

She’s been showing sneak peaks and I love her bold use of color and the freshness of her designs.  Plus she’s really sweet and I like to buy books from people I “know”.

There are some feet attachments that I would like for my sewing machine.  That is one of those things that you never get around to buying for yourself…but how the heck would anyone know which feet I have or want?  (hmm…suddenly I’m thinking that I need new shoes too!)

I would love the give the rolled hem foot a whirl.  The guy at the sewing store said that it can be difficult to master, but I think I’m up for the challenge. 😉

Brother SA126 Snap On 1/4" Inch Wide Narrow Rolled Hem Hemmer All Metal Foot for 7mm Zigzag machines

I would also love to get the pintuck foot as well!  I just love the look of pintucks and with a little girl that I want to sew garments for in the future, I think I could actually find some good use for this!

Brother SA162 Snap-on Metal Pintuck Foot 5 Grooves for Double Needle Heirloom Sewing

And I would love (but know I am not going to get because it is so expensive and not a priority) is the circular attachment for my machine.  I wanted one a couple of years ago and the company didn’t make one…of course now they do and I’m not in a position to get it.  Oh well…probably don’t really need this anyway, but it’s super cool.

And then to help with free motion quilting, I would really like to try the quilt halo and the supreme slider.  Together they are supposed to help have more control over quilting and help it go more smoothly.

and of course, for the truly clueless, there is always a gift card to somewhere like Hawthorne Threads.  I could do some damage with that!

So…is there anything that I am missing that I absolutely should have and my brain dead mind is not thinking of?  Or are there strong opinions about these products that I may choose to ignore? 😉   Don’t worry…there are a few other things on the list as well..some fiction books and tv series DVDs.  Oh and a flat iron.  I’m so classy these days. :p

7 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish list”

  1. Ha! I've already started my list too! I have the new Elizabeth Hartman book, Camille's book "Simplify", and I know my hubby took advantage of FQS's 20% off gift cards a while back. It's going to be a fabric filled Christmas!

  2. I agree with Kelly, both of those books are on my Christmas list too.
    I have a Halo and really I dont use it. I find that the gloves work just as well and its kind of a waste…JMO
    Is the circular one supposed to pin circles together or something? Because Jaybird blogged about a foot like that some time ago and I dont think it was too expensive.

  3. Ooh, I want Malka's new book too! I need to go put it on my list.

    It's funny, my brother in law set up a website as well for our family to make gift lists– he calls it the Listinator. It's the same sort of thing, we can link up the urls for our items, and make comments about what we want. Then people go in and make their selections. It does make it pretty easy for gift giving, although I miss just picking things out that I think someone would like. Everyone expects things from their lists!

    I don't have much yet on my list in the way of crafty stuff, but I do have a quilting book that Lynne suggested called Intuitive Color and Design, and a Staedtler compass for drawing out circles! I always have gift certificates to the local fabric stores on my list too.

  4. Amy, I saw that blog about the foot, which also looked very intriguing, but this attachment sews in a circular motion…so especially helpful for circle applique and circular quilting. Not necessarily helpful for piecing circles…but I'll have to check.

    Krista, fun that your family has a web list too. I don't expect everything to be off of my list but I think it helps people to see what I'm interested in. I'm pretty sure that my mom completely ignores it. Doh!

    Kelly, I remember when your husband got you those gift cards and you knew they were a Christmas gift but you had to wait, what, 6 months? for them! LOL.

  5. You've certainly given me some ideas. I'd love to have the slider with the halo. I have Malka's first book which is about dyeing and very good, but the new one looks good too.

  6. OH I definitely need to make a list too. No one knows what to buy me because I really don't need anything. But really I'm too darn cheep to buy things for myself. My list would include some mini Moo cards with pics of my sewing and my blog/flickr names. I definitely don't need them but for $20 a box it's pretty fun. And how cool would it be to see your sewing on mini business cards? I'd tuck them into handmade gifts and swap packages. Here's the link (

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