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So I’ve always been a big fan of Project Runway and have actually watched it from the very beginning. I enjoy that the show has always been about design and executing an idea. I don’t always agree with who wins and who is kicked off and what is beautiful…but I enjoy the process of design so much that I still watch even when my favorites are kicked off.

Well Bravo lost Project Runway to Lifetime and has been desperately searching for a good replacement show ever since. There have been some not so exciting shows and frankly Top Chef has never done it for me…I know that it’s about design too in a way, but it’s harder to know if the judges are right or not without being able to tasted and smell the food. Plus some of the judges are way too condescending for me.

But I think that they’ve hit upon a new idea that could really have some validity. If you haven’t heard of it yet, they have a show called Work of Art: The next great artist. Now I’m not an artist, but again this is about design and watching the process. You are seeing the artists tackle ridiculous challenges and time frames and working outside their comfort zones…but…you are seeing artists create. And that’s something I love. Yes, there are already the people that you love to hate and two episodes in and I already completely disagree with who was kicked off and who won. But that’s the beauty of reality competition shows. They make you cringe, they make you scream. But there are moments when you see someone create something beautiful and that makes it all worth it.

So check it out if you haven’t yet and have cable. It just started and I’m sure that they’re running reruns of the first two episodes already. So you can catch up. And just enjoy watching people create. It’s such a fascinating thing!

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  1. Stephanie I think that you'll like it…my one disclaimer about it being a family show is that all art isn't always family friendly. But they move so quickly, it probably wouldn't be a problem. But they don't hold back on this show.

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