Nola Modern Quilt Guild Retreat Weekend

Well I got home a little later than my poor husband would have liked (he had the baby all weekend) but just by a couple of hours. So I was gone for a wonderful 48 hours or so! I’ve been really worn out from a lot of projects lately so this weekend was a mixed blessing of getting to work more and just having a plain old good time.

There were 6 of us who got together for the weekend for our retreat for the modern quilt guild of New Orleans: myself, Kaelin, Karen, Mandy, Lana, and Cherie. We had a blast quilting, eating, making trips to the local quilt and craft stores and staying up way too late watching season one of Glee! Everyone came with different projects in different states of completion, so it was great to see projects begun and projects completed and everything in between.

We stayed at a house in Baton Rouge that is set up for quilting retreats. I think we all have mixed feelings about this house. It was great to have space devoted to quilters but the house was a bit, shall we say, strange. There was a lovely musty smell that permeated the place and caused my allergies to act up. I went out and got some air and fabric freshener and a clean linen scent candle to keep by my machine. That helped. LOL. There were stupid things like no toilet paper and dish soap and irons we had to beg for. Odd.

But our work space was probably the highlight. Here’s my machine all set up!

Nola modern quilt guild

Everyone hard at work quilting late into the night!

Nola modern quilt guild

Large design walls perfect for pinning up projects (like Karen’s fabulous Bento Box!).

Nola modern quilt guild

Sometimes we were working…LOL.

Nola modern quilt guild

Cherie picked up a pack of fat quarters for us at a local quilt show for us to give to Kaelin for all her hard work on organizing the retreat. Kaelin was pretty excited about them! Yay! She made it hard on us because we wanted to buy other fabrics, but then she would buy them herself! Grr…. LOL.

Nola modern quilt guild

Karen working hard on sewing her Bento Box. She was right across from me and my roommate! We had a fun time making each other laugh! That’s what she said!

Nola modern quilt guild

Karen’s so shy I could never get her to pose for anything. ::cough::

Here she is wrapped up in her table topper made from darling sheer witch fabric edged with crazy black trim.

Nola modern quilt guild

I’ll share more later, but I want to make sure that the other ladies have the opportunity to blog about their own projects before I show them. 😉 It’s so hard because they are all fabulous! Woohoo! And I did not get enough pictures!!!

All in all, we had a fabulous time hanging out and sewing, taking trips to quilt stores and singing along with all the Glee episodes…and of course eating. We even got to see some prostitutes…errr…teenagers all dressed up for a school dance having lots of drama! I think we’re still all having nightmares about their shoes! I swear some of them must have gotten redressed in the car because if I ever let my daughter out of the house dressed like them someone shoot me! Good times. LOL.

8 thoughts on “Nola Modern Quilt Guild Retreat Weekend”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! What fun.
    I had to laugh at your description of the teenagers. Around here we call them prosti-tots. It is crazy what they call clothes these days!

  2. Today we were at a friend's house and her daughter brought me her Barbie to help dress. She had THE BOOTS just like the high school hoochies we saw! In fact, the Barbie was made of glitter plastic and was dressed like the casual version of those prosti-tots (fabulous term, cilvee!)….

    I had a BLAST with you crazy peeps. Good times, ladies, good times….

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I love your machine – it is the exact same one I have borrowed from my mum while mine is at the doctors. I wish I had bought the brother instead of the one I have! Oh well, next time.

  4. From the sound of her blog, I think wherever Kaelin goes, fun follows. Love her story about Hancock fabrics. At our retreat I suggested that every time you have to "unsew" you have to take a shot of tequila – no takers! Can you imagine that! We go the last weekend of April on one of our member's husband's fishing boat around the cape (bumpy) to a village on the other side of the island to a fishing lodge. It is before their season begins and their customers start coming. Food is fabulous, lots of sewing, laughing, telling stories, playing games. Forbidden word: can't say your husbands name, or fabric, etc. If you do must put a charm square or 2 1/2" strip in the jar. Drawings every hour or so. This year we made blocks for a service quilt and I taught a little class on Kaelin's box pouch. Most of them made them and liked them a lot. I made each of them coffee cozies and fabric covered button thumb tacks this year. The best part of the whole weekend was when we were packing up a Kodiak brown bear ran down the beach right in front of the window where we sew. It was so fast no one had time for a picture.

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