Nothing but Sneak Peeks

Thanks to all of you lovely readers, I was able to get a hold of the fabric that I needed for my doll quilt. It came in the mail yesterday and I just had to start working on the doll quilt again right away. So a little more progress has been made.

Nothing but Sneak Peeks

I want to do all of the pieced parts first before I do any applique. So that’s why you are just seeing a bunch of water right now. But there is lots more to come!!

Nothing but Sneak Peeks

And finally a little sneak peak for all of you who said you would do a quilt along with me. I know that there are a number of them going on right now, but I’m still working on one for you all. I’m confirming measurements, colors and techniques…but here’s a little something for you all to think about. 😉

Nothing but Sneak Peeks

So what do you all think? Anything you’d like to see more of?

27 thoughts on “Nothing but Sneak Peeks”

  1. They all look awesome! I think I like that backing you are going to use! Plus I WANT the doll quilt…is it for me?

    The quilt along looks awesome. I actually had an idea like that for a quilt. Did you copy my idea book?

  2. Love the zig zag! I really hope you do do that for a quilt along….it would be perfect for my bed and the quilt along just may be the push I need to get it made!!!

  3. Well of course we all want to see more. That's Flurry, isn't it? I've been drooling over that since she first showed a tiny peek on her blog.
    And that peek for a quilt along looks like an awful lot of fun!

  4. Your doll quilt is looking very interesting! Can't wait to see the next step!
    I have managed to resist the other blogs QAL's, waiting for yours! I'd love to see some more zig-zag!

  5. The bundle is scrumptious! It looks like Christmas which gives you some time huh!??

    The doll quilt is so fun! I'm piqued!??

    The zig zag quilt is TO DIE FOR! How interesting that you hollowed it out! I'm very interested in this as I have been wanting to make one and have not yet!


  6. The zig is just awesome! can't wait to see more….glad you found the fabric that you needed for the doll quilt…..I can't wait to see the finished product……

  7. Hi Angela, it looks all very promising…I like the print on the boat, great idea..But I'm also glad you mentioning that you have not so much time with a 15 month old because I thought it's just me struggeling with my time issues over work, family and crafting time that serves also as "me-time":), enjoy the time with your kids because there will be plenty of quilting time left in the long run ;)…greetings Karin

  8. I love your little boat! It is so neat how it appears to be folded up! And it took you 15 years? I have been quilting only about a year and I am already hoarding fabric just because it's pretty 😉 I guess I'm in trouble, then!

  9. I'd like to see more of all of it. Specifically, more of that doll quilt, preferably in my mailbox. : ) And I love those zig zags!

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