Off to Market!

I’m in the midst of last minute preparations for my very FIRST quilt market.  I, as usual, may have slightly over committed myself on project ideas for this trip (shhh…don’t tell my husband he was right.  He’ll read this anyways and let me know.  lol)

I’ve still got a quilt to finish up using Bambleberry Ridge, Violet Craft’s newest fabric line.  Trust me, you will want this one.  I keep falling in love with each fabric more and more. I’ve got the blocks made but I need to put the top together, baste, piece the back, quilt and bind…in about 30 hours.

Oh and I’m doing another project to help promote my book that involves Blue Mason Jars…I’ll be sure to share that all with you later…but it is not done yet!  Hopefully tonight. *shudders and prays she can get it all done*

And then there is the packing and prepping what I will say at my school house on Thursday (come see me if you are there!!) and then my book signing on Saturday.

And then just that general nervousness that comes from attending a new to me event that everyone seems to have already been to.  I’m the new kid on the block there and I’m jumping in head first.

Sorry for no pictures but that takes more time than I have at the moment.  If you want some sneak peaks of things I’ve been working on be sure to follow me on Instagram @cuttopieces.  I post multiple times a day over there of a quick picture.  Lots of eye candy!  And I’m going to be sure to be taking pictures of everything I see there and hopefully posting things like fabulous fabrics and amazing designers and all kinds of stuff I can’t even imagine yet.

So nothing more from me until after I’m back and that will be in about a week. I have no doubt that I will be EXHAUSTED when I get back home and that I will need a break.  Though there is little rest for the weary as deadlines already loom post market.  Do I sound tired yet?  Yes.  Well I am.  Nervous too.  But good nervous I think.  Off to new adventures and to see another part of this industry that I have somehow managed to become a part of.

Wish me luck and that people actually come to hear me talk and get a book signed!

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  1. You are amazing girl!!! I can't wait to see your quilts at schoolhouse!! It is going to be so much fun, crazy busy, but truly, so much fun 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again 🙂

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