Oh delightful pincushions!

I have no idea if these are recently out or if I’ve just been living under a rock, but I’ve found the CUTEST pincushion patterns by Heather Bailey. I am of course familiar with her pear one (so cute!) But it never struck me as the greatest shape for a pin cushion…although I bet it would make a great ornament.

There are two in particular that I’ve just found that I’m drooling over.

The elephant pincushion


And this turtle one!


Oh they are so cute and I must make one!  I think that the elephant might win.  Can you imagine that cuteness every time you sew?!  But I’ve completely blown my sewing budget for the month…way over…woops….darn doll quilt swap.  So I’ll have to wait to purchase one of these until a bit later.  I’m trying to be good for at least a couple of weeks. 😉  I can do that…right?

7 thoughts on “Oh delightful pincushions!”

  1. The elephant IS super cute, but I can't get over that turtle! I'm trying to be good about fabric purchases right now too. We can do it! Um, right?

  2. Talk about blowing your budget– yesterday I went to a newly discovered quilt store in Richmond, VA that was a treasure trove of modern quilt fabrics. I blew a wad of money on Tula Pink fabrics, black/white prints, Kona Cotton, and so much more! I saw that cute turtle pattern in the shop and they had samples made up. They are so cute in person, too. Hope you get to make some soon!

    I am afraid to use pincushions because I have a dog that plays with stuffed animals and I am afraid that he would ingest a pincushion thinking it was a cute toy! But they are nice to look at with no pins in them.

  3. I found a stash of cash that I had from a design job I did for someone's house and handed that over to my husband to make me feel better about blowing the budget. But he said that he would just spend it on me tomorrow for my birthday…isn't he sweet?!

  4. Ok- I haven't seen those pincushions before either. And I have never made a pincushion and never really felt the desire- until now!!

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