Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas – Finished!

Okay, every since I posted about the idea of project UFO, a little group that helps motivate each other to finish those projects we have laying around, I’ve been on a roll. I’ve been soooo good about not starting new projects and it is HARD! I’ve been forcing myself to finish up the projects that are soooo close (or even not so close) to being complete. You’ve already seen my reindeer embroidery wall hangings that I FINALLY finished. Well I’ve tackled a couple others too…but just one for today…

Sleepover Pajamas

Ever since I saw Sarah Jane’s Children at play line of fabric, I knew that I wanted/needed to work with it. And the flannel is just yummy! I also wanted to try out the Oliver + S patterns that everyone is always raving about. So sleepover pajamas became my goal! I made these for Caitlyn in the size 2 and it’s definitely a little big on her. If you remember from when I finished the pants, my model is not always so cooperative…so I didn’t even try to get a pic of her in the whole thing. Sorry!

Sleepover Pajamas

I put off finishing the top for a couple months because I was a little more intimidated by it. Let’s admit, the buttons, the collar facing, the sleeves…everything that makes garment sewing JUST a little more difficult. But I knew I could do it. I was sewing clothes LONG before I ever sewed a quilt, so I pulled out my memory and set to work.

Sleepover Pajamas

Just imagine that chair is my daughter and the pajamas fit her perfectly. 😉 I even remembered to properly sew on my tags (that I got at the sewing summit in my swag bag!) so that they are not seen from the outside of the garment! And I’ll admit that I’m a little bit in love with the simple coral buttons that I sewed on with some contrasting bright turquoise thread.

Sleepover Pajamas

True confessions. I completely messed up the top but in an acceptable way. If you look at the pattern, the coral polka dot that I have on the top facing is meant to be seen from the OUTSIDE of the garment. The way that I put it on places it in the inside…which is still technically a proper way to make the garment but I’m going to admit that I did not do it on purpose. But I didn’t realize until I had already spent 45 minutes sewing it on, notching it, trimming the seam allowance, sewing on the labels, and top stitching the facing in place. And I made myself just move on and say “oh well”. It still looks good, but in the spirit of honesty here…

Sleepover Pajamas

And even more honesty. I made these for Caitlyn, but I really want them for myself!!! I LOVE them and she isn’t invested in them yet. Too bad they’re not my size. lol

If anyone wants to join in our little group on flickr, Project UFO, you are more than welcome!  We give each other a good kick in the pants when needed and help each other figure out what we should spend our time on.  I’m going to show you some of the great finishes others have done in the next couple of days.  We’re rocking!

Oh and just so you know that my daughter is still as cute as can be, here she is at a wedding we went to this weekend with her best little pal Gloria (Caitlyn is on the right and Gloria on the left).  Oh they were killing me with their poofy dresses and cuteness!

Sleepover Pajamas


10 thoughts on “Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas – Finished!”

  1. So sweet! I'm actually planning to make these pajamas for my two boys soon. I will be sure to watch the placement of the accent fabric on the top! That is something I can see myself doing! (although I'm not sure I would have noticed your mistake…)

    Such a cute picture of your daughter & her friend! 🙂

  2. I have been late in reading and catching up with my favorite bloggers, and yes, I would love those jammies too! You did a great job and I love the fact that the polka dots peak out, it really sets the stripes off….great job! I would join the UFO list but me thinks once I see the actual count it might just overwhelm me.

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