One Sheep, Two Sheep, Read Sheep

Angela Pingel wool bookmark tutorial

I’m so excited to FINALLY share with you a bookmark that I made for a Valentine’s day swap.  I had to keep it a secret until my partner received it.  But clearly we are past Valentine’s day now and I can share it now.
My partner requested a bookmark that she saw on Pinterest which had the basic idea of the heart book mark.  It is made from two pieces of felt that are hand stitched together along the straight edges (the white floss).

Angela Pingel wool bookmark tutorial

And even though I used my favorite color blue and the white thread really pops, I knew that I wanted to bookmark to have a sweeter detail to it.  And so began my search for a cute embroidery.  I’m not a huge embroiderer AT ALL.  But I wish I was.  I find it to be super satisfying.  And of course adorable.  When I saw this little lamb/sheep embroidery I knew I had my cuteness factor.

The lamb is made almost entirely of french knots.  So…you tube to the rescue!!  I always need to look that up to refresh my brain.  There are tons of tutorials on you tube thankfully.  This is one of those things that I need to see in live action.  I get a better sense of the correct tension on the floss.  And I definitely got to practice a TON of french knots on this.

And I LOVE it.  This was hard to give away.  And totally worth making.  How cute would a little kid’s outfit be with these embroidered on it?! Some one do that, okay?

Angela Pingel wool bookmark tutorial

And the embroidery had no effect on the ability of the book to lay flat.  I was pleased that even with that much stitching, the bookmark worked particularly well.  I will definitely be doing this again in the future.  And remember, if you don’t want a heart, you can pretty much do this in any shape that will have two straight edges and an opening.

Give it a whirl. I bet you’ll love it.  It’s a great gift idea!


5 thoughts on “One Sheep, Two Sheep, Read Sheep”

  1. That's an adorable bookmark Angela! Youtube embroidery lessons is a great idea. I've only ever learned it from book diagrams, but yeah, live action would how you so much more about the stitch. That little French know lamb is darling!

  2. oh my goodness: that is so adorable!! I have a friend who loves sheep (her dad used to raise sheep). It would make a great gift. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, H

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