One, two, three Reindeer down

I have so many projects running simultaneously it’s crazy. So I seem to be hopping around a lot from one item to another. But it’s my goal this year to really finish every project that I start in a timely manner. No more almost finished projects or blocks hanging around. If I start it, then I will finish it or scrap it.

So that being said, I’m ALMOST finished with my reindeer embroidery project. If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that I decided to tackle hand embroidery for the first time with a set of playful reindeer. (For info on where to find the pattern etc, check out this previous post)

I’ve finally decided, with the help of my husband…really…he helped!…that I would make these into a set of three wall hangings that I will be able to hang in the staircase of my new house next year! And I’ve finished one!

Reindeer hanger

Each wall hanging has three embroidery blocks stacked in a single column. I just did a simple straight line quilting that would hold the wall hanging together but not detract from the embroidery. I think that there is enough going on without adding a bunch of quilting to this.

Reindeer hanger

Backed with a star red fabric (just something I had enough yardage of to back all three wall hangings) and bound with a couple of spring green fabrics, the wall hanging is finally coming together.

Reindeer hanger

I still want to add a couple of grommets to the top but I’ll do that to all three at the end to make sure I do it in the same place on all of them. That way I can hang them easily from one nail. Score. And I love the fabrics I used for the sashing too…I love Sweetwater fabrics and they had the perfect reindeer fabric out in their Christmas line this year. It was begging to be with these embroideries. Actually I realized that throughout these wall hangings I used fabric from FOUR different collections by Sweetwater: Sunkissed, Countdown to Christmas, Family Reunion, and Hometown. I had to laugh at myself for that.

Reindeer hanger

So one, two, three reindeer down…and six more to go! They are just waiting to be quilted and bound!

Reindeer hanger

21 thoughts on “One, two, three Reindeer down”

  1. I loved how you did your embroideries so much that I bought the set of patterns. You idea (or your hub's) of splitting them into groups is a great idea and will make them more manageable for display.

    I never realized until you talked about these that there was only one female in the group. No wonder all the guys look so snappy. I'll be she bought her own coat!

  2. They are wonderful! How fun to be planning for your new home. I'm thinking along the same lines! We're planning to move this year, from the midwest to Florida. I think all my wall quilts will need a fresh look. I'm hoping to sew a palm tree quilt for over the sofa. Isn't it fun to be anticipating in such a positive way?

  3. @ Ebeth: I believe I used a perle cotton thread. I know that you couldn't split it like DMC thread…but I don't really know what I'm talking about so that may not be the right answer. lol They came in little balls…

  4. That was your first time doing hand embroidery? Well done. I haven't gotten brave enough to try my hand at that yet. I too, have committed to finishing up UFO's and finishing anything else that I've started, in a timely manner.

  5. The wall hangings are a great idea! It will be fun to enjoy them when the season comes again, and you could even disperse them around the house some years. So cute!

  6. Yep, that's Perle – and that's your first go! Wow. Nice job! I was going to make a lap quilt but I'm rethinking it based on your idea…the embroidery might hold up better with wall hangings.

  7. @ Ebeth : Thanks! I'm a little nuts to tackle a set of nine for my first project but it helped motivate me. And I did the wall hangings because I don't want them to get "too" loved. 😉

    BTW – you're a no reply blogger, so I can't email you directly…otherwise I'd probably be more chatty.

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