Our Newest Addition and the Quilts I managed to finish before she got here!

Life has been a little crazy here at our house because our newest addition arrived to shake up our lives. Little Caitlyn is already 7 weeks old today and I’m lucky to check my email let alone write a blog entry…so sorry it’s been so long.

Here we are in the hospital just days after her birth. She definitely looks a little different now, but you can tell that she’s a sweetie!

If anyone recalls, my goal was to finish three quilts in the last 4 weeks or so before she was born. Well believe it or not, I did it! And she came 10 days early, so I lost a whole week! I did end up changing one of the baby quilts that I finished, but that’s okay…it was still a finished quilt that had been waiting to be completed for almost a year.

I call this one Garden Fresh Quilt

It was made to match my guest room as a little lap quilt. Some of my favorite fabrics snuck in there…a little amy butler and a little alexander henry…

The quilt was free motion stipple quilted and went pretty quickly. I was excited. I think it only took a couple of hours to quilt it together! The back is a fabulous fabric that I picked up at an Ikea store while on Vacation. There is a lot of black and white in the guest room, so this fits right in.

I happy with how it turned out and I’m happy to have it completed. I’m pretty sure that my cat will be the one using it the most, but that will help keep the guest bed clean!

And then there is my baby quilt for my own little Caitlyn. I already showed you all the crib bumper that I made for her. Well, the quilt is made in the same style. Once again, I used the blocks from my Bee Modern Quilt group. But I also had to make a bunch more to finish the quilt. So I used some scraps and inspiration from my fellow quilters and ultimately came up with this.

There are a ton of pictures on my flicker site, so you can check out more there. But for now I’ll just post a few of my favorite blocks that I had to make for the quilt.

And here’s some of quilt all laid out and ready to be basted!

The quilt really is so beautiful and has a great amy butler backing as well with a little modern twist..

I love to look at it and know that so many friends helped to contribute to this heirloom for my daughter. One of the most funny things about this quilt is that I was determined to finish it before the baby came. Well at 1 am I finished the hand binding and put away the needle and thread and BAM! contractions started. Here’s hoping I’m always in sync with my daughter that much! 🙂

And really there are many more pictures…so feel free to check them out at flickr.

My sewing room has been being used by all the very helpful people who’ve come to help us after Caitlyn’s birth, so I haven’t done any sewing in seven weeks! But I’ve got some strips of Amy Butler’s love line all ready to be cut up for the next quilt and I bought some great fabrics that I’ll have to post as well. Kona cottons at 50% off! Woohoo! I’m itching to work on the January block for our Bee Modern group…she sent such fun fabrics! So that may be the first thing I get too. But that’s all in the future and with a little one I’m not sure what my sewing pace will be!

4 thoughts on “Our Newest Addition and the Quilts I managed to finish before she got here!”

  1. Congratulations on Caitlyn – she looks adorable!!
    I have a little boy of 3½ months, and I think it is brilliant that you have even found the time to make this post!

    And I love, love, love the items you have made for Caitlyn's room, those colour combo's are brilliant 🙂

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