Painted Cosmos

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I ever shared the finished quilt I made for Laura Gunn for her booth at Quilt Market.  I know I gave you all sneak peaks, but here at last I’m finally showing the end product.

Painted Cosmos

I used her new line Cosmos and her Painter’s Canvas line.  I created a fairly simple design with half square triangles because I really wanted to focus on showing off Laura’s Fabric.  It’s an interesting task to create a pattern to show off the fabric rather than using the fabric to show off a design.

I did all of my own quilting which you can probably tell but it was a stretch for me.  I used a bunch of different free motion techniques in different parts of the design to emphasize the pattern.

Painted Cosmos

There’s nothing like making a whole quilt to really help you practice a certain pattern.  I would definitely do them all again…but some will take me more time than others to perfect.  It’s also quite the learning process to discover what kind of quilting design looks good in a particular part of the quilt.  Actually, at the prompting of my favorite quilter, Krista Withers/lolablueocean, I recently purchased a large piece of plexiglass and some dry erase markers so I can practice how the designs will look on the actual fabric at scale.  I think that will help me a lot!

Laura took the picture above when she received it and it was so fun to see it styled by someone else!  I was so used to seeing a flat view of it, that it was fun to see it all draped and relaxed.  And then of course it was so fun to see some pictures from quilt market.  Someday I’ll make it there too, but in the meantime, it was certainly fun to see something I made just hanging out in a booth. 😉

Picture by Kimberly Jolly of The Fat Quarter Shop

And I do believe that this fabric is already available for purchase!  So run out and get some and play with pretty fabrics.  Maybe you’ll want to use it on my Down the Rabbit Hole quilt.  😉

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