Patchwork Please – a little tease

Dear sweet Ayumi has recently written a book called Patchwork Please (which you can pre order anywhere I imagine).  I’m lucky enough to have an advanced copy of the book because I’ll be part of the book blog sew along later on in the coming months here.  But I couldn’t wait to dive in and do a little bit of “fun” sewing!


These Bell Pepper Coasters have been on my radar ever since I spied them in the previews of the book and they were the first thing I wanted to try.  Seriously…they are the cutest.  I love Ayumi’s versions and wanted to follow in  her style as much as I could without owning her fabulous collection of Japanese fabrics.

Bell Pepper Coasters

I searched through my scraps and then ultimately also put some of my yardage fabric in there just to get the right mix of fabrics and prints.  I made my own little templates from the book and these came together just as she described.  I could make a hundred of these! lol  But time and sanity prevails and I stopped at three.  These are on their way to another dear friend who I think will enjoy them as much as I do.  Thankfully I have the book so I can make more for myself if I “need” to. 😉

This is just a sample of the sweetness of Ayumi’s book!  I can’t wait to make another something from it.  It’s so nice when you find a book that you truly want to own and make the items in it.  Plus there is plenty of eye candy for the projects I’m not ready to tackle.  Everything has her very distinct flair for perfect fabric combinations and whimsical patterns.  The projects range from mini quilts to bags to coasters.  There is definitely a project for everyone.  And trust me, I would say all of these things regardless of whether I was given the book or not.  I was planning on buying it, so that was just a fun bonus!  If you want to get ready for the sew along fun, check out the group started on Flickr already.

Bell Pepper Coasters

Aren’t they so darling with this vintage cookbook illustrated by Charley Harper?

15 thoughts on “Patchwork Please – a little tease”

  1. Fabudelux! Love those peppers, it makes me really want to get going with the book!
    Which cookbook is that, by the way? I just adore my set of Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, ca 1963, with tons of reprints….

  2. You are so sweet, Angela! It made my DAYS to see these cute coasters! And they look absolutely pretty with the vintage cookbook as a background!Now I want to make these!!

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