Peacock Wall Hanging

I’m not sure how many of you caught my sneak peak of this quilt. But I would like to unveil a little beauty that I’ve been working on in my “spare” time. 😉

Peacock Wall Hanging

A title? Proud as a Peacock? I don’t this peacock as proud, so much as lovely and beautiful… Hmmm…and suggestions for a name for this fella?

I promised after I made the girl on the swing that I would make another little quilt for a giveaway and I don’t like to not follow through on those promises. So here it is..the next quilt for a giveaway.

But not quite yet! You see, I think that I need a little celebration when I finally finish my doll quilt. It’s been a labor of love and taken a lot of my heart and energy. And you know what I do when I celebrate….! I give away something! So this time, when I am all done with that doll quilt, we’ll all celebrate by a giveaway of this little quilt (sorry but there’s no way I could make a twin for that doll quilt!)

Peacock Wall Hanging

This quilt is made with the same basic method that I made the girl on the swing quilt with that tutorial by comfortstitching (you can find a link to her site in my sidebar). But this time I came up with my own theme and found an inspiration for a pattern (an old t-shirt!) and put this fella together. I actually think that it was a lot harder than the girl on the swing because I had so many pieces and I couldn’t cut them out a head of time because I would lose the pattern.

Anyway, I LOVE how this one turned out. I keep looking at it and smiling. I was so thrilled when I found the perfect border fabric in my stash…it was made for this quilt!

Peacock Wall Hanging

So if you love this fella even half as much as I do, then stay tuned for a chance to win this quilt. I’ll give the details later, but this time I’m doing a random drawing…the pressure of choosing the best answer was soooo hard last time. LOL. Who knows? It could soon be hanging in your sewing room or home!

Peacock Wall Hanging

15 thoughts on “Peacock Wall Hanging”

  1. it's so beautiful Angela! I need to try that method, because I love its effect.

    I think you should call it "pretty as a peacock."

    And I'll definitely be back, because I would love to look at it everyday on my sewing room wall.

  2. yay for random drawings!!! i was worried that if you picked a winner again, it would be a conflict of interest for me to throw my hat in the ring since you know me.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sashing. it's so perfect…i can't believe you found it in your stash you rascal! this would look awesome next to my new new painting in the dining room!

  3. Wow he is absolutely gorgeous! I've had that tutorial on my to do list since I saw your doll on a swing quilt but I like Mr Peacock even more 🙂

  4. It's beautiful Angela – and yes, you are definitely going to have to do some celebrating when you finish your doll quilt – that is quite a labor of love!!

  5. I love how the border really mimics peacock feathers! It's the perfect choice!

    You've inspired me to try out this method of quilting… but I need to practice my free motion quilting on some other things a bit more. Maybe by the time we all have our quilt retreat I'll be ready….?!?

  6. I love, love, love this one! My daughter is raising some peacocks right now and it would be perfect for her to hang on her wall. She would adore it. She has raised 2 peachicks from eggs and they are amazingly friendly too. I'll be back for sure.

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