The Phoebe Bag

Call me crazy…I know you will.  But I have a number of projects that I’m trying to finish up in the midst of packing and inspections and crazy moving stuff.  One of them is my bag for the Goodie Bag Swap that Kaelin and I are running.  We thought we were being all clever with our timing because we set everything up and had it going before life got stressful.  But then she moved a week ago or so and now I’m moving in three weeks.   So let’s just say that life has been interesting as moderators.  I’m not really sure what we were thinking.  And now we both have to tell each other’s partners that they need to ship to us at a new address. I’m really hoping that all goes well with the shipping aspect of the swap.

But I do have the bag completed and it is the very first bag that I’ve made!  Now I have done plenty of sewing in my lifetime, but I still have never made a handbag.  So this was a little nerve-wracking.  But I’m happy with how it turned out.

The Phoebe Bag

I put myself in the beginner category both because I’ve never made a bag, but also so that I could make a simpler bag and not drive myself crazy.  I tend to go overboard on projects. 😉  Who?  Me?

The Phoebe Bag

I wanted to make a bag from someone else’s pattern that others have tried out and liked.  So I looked for one that had a great shape but fairly simple construction.  This pattern is by Artsy Crafty Babe and is called the Phoebe Bag.  And it is a free pattern!  You can find it HERE!  It’s a great little pattern.  I think the size is perfect!  I was a little distracted I guess when I was making the bag and kept doing some steps in the wrong order.  Then I would think I had a better way of doing things, but I didn’t.  Oh well.  That’s why it’s the first time making a bag!

The Phoebe Bag


The pattern calls for an interior simple pocket, so I pulled out some of my favorite shade of Tufted Tweets and threw it on the inside for a little fun.

The Phoebe Bag

The exterior fabric is from Just Wing it by Momo for Moda I believe and the green fabric was just a random print that I found at my quilt store that matched. I fussy cut the tab closer so that the trees lined up for a more seamless look.  And then I threw on a pretty sparkling button just because everything is more fun when it sparkles!  There is a magnetic closure in the tab, but I’d have to think about whether I would want to do that again if I make another one. (and I probably will)

The Phoebe Bag

Since I used quilting weight cotton for both the exterior and lining of the bag, I decided to use some fusible fleece to help give the bag some weight.  I like how it helps the bag keep that cute shape and it was a breeze to work with.  I’m trying to explore different types of interfacing and fusible support.  So this was a fun time to use a new to me product.  And I also bought some scotch guard for the first time and put a couple of coats on the bag to help protect it from stains.  I love that it doesn’t change how the fabric feels.  Genius!

The Phoebe Bag

So partner it is ready for you!  I may even give myself permission to ship it a little early due to our move date. 😉   And I have a yummy goodie bag of scraps all ready to go that I think that you’ll enjoy.  I know I like them!

25 thoughts on “The Phoebe Bag”

  1. Well, I suspect it's not for me, but I sure do love this bag – the pattern is fantastic, and the fabric is even more fantastic! I love it!! And fussy-cutting that tabbed part is super impressive, great job for your first bag 🙂

  2. That's a great bag! You are a natural at bag making. 🙂

    I might copy you and make one of those bags too. Maybe even today if I can get a chance.

  3. Wow, first bag looks amazing! The fussy cut tab looks great, something I would never think of until after everything was finished!

  4. That is a really nice bag. I love the shape and that was a good idea to make it weightier (is that a word???). Anyway, very cute!! And of course an awesome job you did!!

  5. It's such a cute bag. I ended up making a different pattern but this was one of the ones I considered. I love your fabric choices!

  6. Your bag is beautiful, I can't believe it's your first one! I love to make bags and was looking for a pattern to make a bag for my sister in law so thanks for the link, this bag is perfect!

  7. SOOOO excited to see this 🙂 I have not been brave enough to try a bag, but I may get brave enough to try- it is sooooo adorable 🙂 And I love the fabric- just perfect! (Now check one more thing off your list 🙂 hehe)

  8. Just sitting here catching up on few months worth of blog reading and I spy my new bag 😀 😀 It's even greater in person! Thank you so much for all your effort during what was I'm sure a crazy time for you. Xx

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